• You Laugh The World Laugh With You

    You laugh the world laugh with you, you cry you cry alone
    An old saying still quite relevant and it's relevance well known
    You feel down and dejected don't seem to have a mate
    But when you feel in joyous mood with you they celebrate.... more »

  • You Learn From Life

    You learn from life something new every day
    And that you never stop learning seems true for to say
    And the more you do learn the more you realize
    That you do know so little this not a surprise... more »

  • You Like To Talk About War Heroes

    You like to talk about war heroes I'll take you to meet one today
    On warm days he sits on a park chair from here in distance a short walk away
    In him you may feel disappointed he is frail and aged and gray
    He has blocked out most of his war memories of war he has little to say.... more »

  • You Like To Tell Me

    You like to tell me of how marvelous you are
    Of the size of your house and the size of your car
    And of your recent job promotion on your climb to material success
    But your sort of stories me does not impress... more »

  • You Like To Tell The World

    You never seem to question what's living life about
    And on your own abilities you never cast a doubt
    And you are quick to judge others though them you do not know
    People like you are many and their numbers grow and grow... more »

  • You Love, I Love

    You love the wide brown country the flatlands sparse in trees
    Where when the moon is rising in the freshening evening breeze
    You hear the dingoes barking out hunting for the night
    They chase the mob of kangaroos for miles in the moonlight.... more »

  • You Made The Right Decision

    I loved you but you dumped me i remember
    You said that you would never be my wife
    And though i pined and i felt broken hearted
    What choice had i but get on with my life? .... more »

  • You Make Of It

    Life is what you make of it as some like to say
    But it does seem rather simple when put in this way
    An old saying that does not stand the test of scrutiny
    Life is not what you make of it for those in poverty... more »

  • You Make Someone A Promise

    You make someone a promise the promise you should keep
    For your word is your honour and your honour should not come cheap
    Yet some people to break their word seem to think that's okay
    People who don't have honour it would be true to say.... more »

  • You May

    You may have come home a hero from the killing streets of war
    But that does not tell us much about you or what sort of a man you are
    The one who never fired a gun and to his beliefs is true
    Though by many not seen as a hero is not a lesser man than you.... more »

  • You May As Well

    You may as well live in hope as in despair
    And not much point in complaining that life is unfair
    To people who have their own crosses to bear
    The people without any worries are rare... more »

  • You May As Well Be Happy

    You may as well be happy for your troubles only few
    And compared to many others hardships you've not been through
    Some people know great poverty and their life journey uphill
    But they make the most of their lives and they live on with a will.... more »

  • You May As Well Be Happy And Sing And Laugh And Dance

    You may as well be happy and sing and laugh and dance
    Since our gift of life is terminal and only comes to us by chance
    So few do wish to know you when you are feeling down
    It is not to your advantage to be a sad sack of the town... more »

  • You May As Well Go To The Bar-Room

    You may as well go to the barroom and drown your sorrows in a few beers
    Because crying over a lost love seems such an awful waste of your tears
    He is not the only young and single man in the World there are plenty of others out there
    Who could grow to love and respect you and who for you would... more »

  • You May As Well Look On The Bright Side

    You may as well look on the bright side for you there may be better days ahead
    The future it surely does matter and the past save for the memories is dead
    Go out and buy a lotto ticket you may be a winner tonight
    Tomorrow you may be quite happy and smiling the broad smile of delight... more »

  • You May Be

    You may be a kind hearted person love and care for your family and wife
    Yet some will see you as quite unworthy if you do not have God in your life
    You must have the fear of God in you for them to score you nine out of ten
    In a World of so many religious people respect is a hard thing to win.... more »

  • You May Be A Marvelous Champion

    You may be a marvelous champion and your fans in large numbers may grow
    A sporting hero of your hometown the one everyone wish to know
    You are the person of the moment the sporting icon of the town
    But as good if not better than you have been beaten and in the popular stakes have dropped down... more »

  • You May Be A Nice Person

    You may be a nice person kind and helpful in every way
    But always one not nice things of you for to say
    The wise words of a wise person i do recall
    You may well win many but you cannot win them all... more »

  • You May Be A Person

    You may be a person burdened with life's care
    Though your sort in the Human World are not rare
    The lust for life in you keeps you living on
    Though you feel your better times by now long gone... more »

  • You May Be A Successful And Celebrated Billionaire

    Your billions in money do not tell me of you anything
    Though the gullible your praises feel happy to sing
    Due to the mansion you live in your Olympic sized swimming pool and chauffeur driven car
    Though these things do not tell me of the person you are... more »

  • You May Be A Very Wealthy Person

    You may be a very wealthy person and for your generosity know of renown
    And with your marvellous gift of money help the poor souls of the town
    Do not crave for admiration never wish for glory's crown
    Yet whilst many do applaud you there is one to put you down.... more »

  • You May Be Celebrated

    You may be a tall poppy the tallest in the town
    But there is always one or maybe more who will try to drag you down
    Or in much simpler language to cut you down to size
    That the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well should come as no surprise.... more »

  • You May Be Found To Be Wanting

    You may be found to be wanting when put to the test
    But why worry about it you did try your best
    To the race for the top spot by one better than you beat
    But what matter most you were gracious in defeat... more »

  • You May Be Found To Be Wanting When Put To The Test

    You may be found to be wanting when put to the test
    But why worry about it you did try your best
    To the race for the top spot by one better than you beat
    But what matter most you were gracious in defeat... more »

  • You May Be Great At Something

    Doggerels by the million are written by poetasters every day
    And poetasters are many and poets are few they say
    And artists may be many and good artists are few
    And though you may be great at something there is one greater than you.... more »