• You May Be Like Many Others

    You may be like many others that time has left old
    Whose life story in book form will never be told
    On the lives of celebrities people of high public esteem
    Most biographers like to write books on or so it does seem... more »

  • You May Be One

    You may be the one the masses celebrate
    But on you like all things there is a use by date
    Since we came to life as mortals the facts do not lie
    Like all other life forms we eventually must die... more »

  • You May Be One Of

    You may be one of the nice people of the town
    Always willing to help others never out for your own renown
    You help those in need ofhelping every day
    Yet not everyone of you has nice things to say... more »

  • You May Be Poor

    You may be poor in the poor side of the town
    One financially embarrassed and in spirits down
    But for to find one worse off than you are you do not even need a car
    Just a short walk from where you live and that is not far... more »

  • You May Be Quite Brilliant

    You may be quite brilliant at what best you do
    But there is always one as good if not better than you
    The humble one with a sense of his or her importance never gets carried away
    Though such people seem rare in the World of today... more »

  • You May Be Quite Good Even Great

    You may be quite good even great at what you do
    But remember there are some as good as you
    And though at present you may be the best
    From self praise at times your tongue does need a rest.... more »

  • You May Be Quite Poor

    You may be quite poor and dismissed as a never do well
    But you like all others have stories to tell
    Of how you have lived since your life's journey began
    There is a life story in the lives of every woman and man... more »

  • You May Be Quite Popular

    You may be quite popular but why otherwise pretend
    That everyone wishes for to have you as a friend
    The words of a wise person i do recall
    You may well win many but you cannot win them all... more »

  • You May Be Quite Popular But Why Otherwise Pretend

    You may be quite popular but why otherwise pretend
    Not everyone does wish for to become your friend
    And though friends you may have your true friends are few
    On this i am not saying anything that is new... more »

  • You May Be Right Of Centre

    You've often heard it said before each to their point of view
    And what is true to one person to another doesn't seem true
    But if your point of view is not discriminatory though in some things we do not agree
    Then I will listen to your truth and that's okay with me.... more »

  • You May Be The Most Caring One

    You may be the most caring one of the town
    Always willing to help anyone who is down
    Yet some of you negative things only say
    Such as you are far from good despite your caring way... more »

  • You May Be The One

    You may be the one many do celebrate
    But there's always one better though you may be great
    The number one as number one does not stay
    To the winner the glory as some like to say... more »

  • You May Be Young And Healthy

    You may be fit, young and healthy and in your physical prime
    But the Reaper of lives on you may well call time
    The Reaper of lives who wields the scythe of death
    At anytime can rob you of life's living breath... more »

  • You May Call Me A Loser

    You may call me a loser or call me what you may
    But i can see life's brighter side i do laugh every day
    Not much point in complaining or saying that life is unfair
    Good luck to every celebrity and to every billionaire... more »

  • You May Do

    You may do your good deed or two every day
    And to help others out you go out of your way
    But always one or two who of you will say
    He or she must be a fool to help one without asking for pay... more »

  • You May Even Be

    You may even be feeling suicidal at your obvious lack of success
    Why even give it a thought the taking of the greatest gift you possess
    Than your gift of life there is no greater so why would you wish to throw it away
    Even though you feel as poor as a church mouse on what for you is another bad day... more »

  • You May Feel

    You may feel the World is against you and if you feel that way
    For you that's how it must be
    For there is so much truth in the saying
    That we create our reality.... more »

  • You May Feel Depressed

    You may feel depressed due to financial strife
    But money is not as important as the great gift of life
    And though presently you are going through quite a tough time
    You have got good health and you are in your physical prime... more »

  • You May Feel Despondent

    You may feel despondent and wish you were dead
    But don't quit on life's battle good days are ahead
    Financially embarrassed at the present maybe
    But your luck will change you'll know prosperity... more »

  • You May Feel Life

    You may feel life on you is tough
    And that you are one of the not good enough
    But you are not alone on feeling this way
    Since many live with self doubt everyday... more »

  • You May Feel Sad For Yourself

    You may feel sad for yourself though you have a roof over your head
    And you do not lack comfort in your comfortable bed
    And you don't lack for nourishment with lots of good food to eat
    You are not one of the millions who are homeless on the street... more »

  • You May Feel Superior To Most Others

    You may feel superior to most others but to the scythe of the Reaper you too must fall
    Your ego is overinflated but in your ways you are quite small
    So full of your own self importance a small minded man in a small town
    Where even the highest achiever can only daydream of renown... more »

  • You May Feel That

    You may feel that luck is against you but you are just one of many in the World of today
    Who feels by life they are hard done by since nothing seems to be going their way
    But everyone have their good and their bad days this is how life is meant to be
    Today things are not going well for you tomorrow things may not go well for me... more »

  • You May Feel The Whole World Is Against You

    You may feel the whole World is against you but few things in life do seem fair
    But hope for a better tomorrow of the future one should not despair
    And may today it be your worst day the toughest times for you may have gone
    Just like every other survivor you hang in there and keep on keeping on... more »

  • You May Have

    You may have been found to be wanting when put to the test
    But why feel any shame since you did try your best
    The winners take all as some do like to say
    But for one to win others must lose life is this way... more »