• Your Dark Moods

    For years you have known your dark moods of despair
    And you feel that life to you is rather unfair
    Life has it's high points and low points it does seem this way
    And the moods of the mind we deal with every day... more »

  • Your Daughter Was A Good Person

    Your daughter was a good person I believe that to be true
    And the fate that was her's surely was not her due
    By bullies in the workplace she was driven to suicide
    In such a tragic way your beloved young daughter died... more »

  • Your Dog

    Friendships we make in life often prematurely end
    But 'til the day that she dies your dog will be your friend
    Your dog will love you and from you never part
    Your bond with your dog an affair of the heart... more »

  • Your Dog True To You

    The woman he loves she will not be his wife
    She left him for another he feels hard done by life
    He sits on his back door step drinking a beer
    And the best friend he has by him is sitting near.... more »

  • Your Dog Will Always Love You

    Your dog will always love you your dog your greatest friend
    He or she to you devoted until their life will end
    For unrequited love your dog does not ask much of you a few pats and every day a good feed
    For a lifetime of love and loyalty this is all your dog does need... more »

  • Your Dog Will Love You

    If to your dog you are respectful and kind
    A truer friend than him or her you will not find
    Since the love of a dog is unconditional and true
    Your spouse may well leave you but your dog will love you... more »

  • Your Dog Your Best Friend

    A walk every day and a few pats and a feed
    For his or her undying devotion to you is all your dog does need
    But your spouse is much harder for to satisfy
    When compared to us dogs are so faithful one must wonder why?... more »

  • Your Dogs

    For their unconditional love all from you they do need
    Is a walk every day a few pats and a feed
    Than your dogs you do not have a truer friend
    Dogs love you for who you are they could never pretend... more »

  • Your Dog's Friendship

    Human friendships are conditional why even pretend
    Your dog is your only unconditional friend
    For a few pats, a few words of kindness and a good feed every day
    For as long as she or he lives your dog as your friend will stay... more »

  • Your Dog's Love For You

    Your faithful dog your unconditional friend
    Will love you unconditionally until your's or it's life end
    You may lose the love of your partner or wife
    But the love and friendship of your dog is for life... more »

  • Your Dream

    Your dream of the big lotto win for you may come true
    Since your turn of good luck in your life you are due
    All good things come to those who do wait as some like to say
    Tonight lady luck may be smiling your way... more »

  • Your Dream Of Great Happiness

    Your dream of great happiness for you has not come true
    And a change of luck 'twould seem you are overdue
    But of hopes for the future you do not despair
    And through the hard times you have hung in there... more »

  • Your Dreams Of Better Things

    Your dreams of better things for you and your family for you not coming true
    Though you feel your turn of luck in life is overdue
    Suppose to be wealthy and famous is not your life's destiny
    As you do hear some say whatever will be will be... more »

  • Your Eternal Utopia

    You talk of your far paradise in the sky
    Where above sunlit valleys winged angels do sing as they fly
    And birds sing all year in the pleasant sunshine
    Your eternal utopia seems truly divine... more »

  • Your First Lesson In Love

    Though like yesterday's water that's washed down the drain
    Sweet memories of first love with us do remain
    Of the beautiful teenager with dark brown shoulder length hair
    Blowing in the breeze of the warm summer air... more »

  • Your Friend

    You feel the World's against you and your cross heavy to bear
    And of future hopes of happiness you do live in despair
    But your true friends will stand by you when hope from your life seems gone
    And they will do the best they can to help you to keep keeping on,... more »

  • Your Friend A Friend For Lifetime

    Acquaintances are many but friends are very rare
    For with a true and trusting friend your secrets you can share
    Your friend will comfort you and advise you and you will not betray
    Your friend will never disown you and as your friend will stay... more »

  • Your Friend For Life

    If you are kind to your dog then you are one who can depend
    That your dog is bound to look on you as his or as her's greatest friend
    For when you treat your dog with kindness you your dog will never forsake
    Dogs known to grieve for their dead master have wasted and died of heartbreak... more »

  • Your Friend Will Not Desert You

    Your friend will not desert you in your time of most need
    And your true friends are rare so very rare indeed
    Rats desert a sinking ship as they do say
    But a true friend from you will never turn away... more »

  • Your Friends Are Few

    Worldwide for this thing known as success people do compete
    And everyday for many a new challenge to meet
    The praises of the wealthy and famous the masses may sing
    But success as is said can be a relative thing... more »

  • Your Friends Over There

    You left them when you left for to live elsewhere
    And now they are only your friends over there
    The friends over there you may never more see
    As images fading from your memory... more »

  • Your Friends You Come To Know When You Are Down

    From life we learn a bit every day
    And for our mistakes always some price to pay
    And like Abba's song, the winner takes it all
    For one to rise so many have to fall,... more »

  • Your Gift Of Life

    Your gift of life only came to you by chance
    And success and failure often can depend on circumstance
    For to win a job start with others you must compete
    And every day for you a new challenge to meet... more »

  • Your Gift Of Memory

    The past in reality in the forever gone
    But within the mind it is living on
    And as long as the gift of memory you retain
    Your memories of what was with you will remain... more »

  • Your God Within

    In India they worship their sacred cow
    And in many parts of the World to statues they bow
    And billions do pray to their God in the sky
    But why many deny their God within one must wonder why?... more »