• Your Great God

    You say your God is special and you say your God is great
    If so a better World for your God you can help to create
    Yet those who are different to you those of a different faith
    You find it a great struggle to even tolerate... more »

  • Your Great Grand-Dad

    I know your great grand-dad was a brave man as a hero he lived and he died
    In battle under the flag of the Nation his fame it is known far and wide
    But i beg to differ when you tell me that in cause of peace he traveled far
    And under gunfire died in battle fighting in another man's war... more »

  • Your Greatest

    You may be one who does know of success
    A talented person many you do impress
    A leading celebrity of the big town
    To be wealthy and famous two of your claims to renown... more »

  • Your Greatest Achievement

    Your greatest achievement in life may seem small
    And to many is not an achievement at all
    But you have hung in there when the going was tough
    And you have been hungry and you have slept rough... more »

  • Your Greatest Foe

    Bad memories the memories we wish to forget
    Of people we knew we wish we never met
    A friendship that ended in acrimony and woe
    A former friend can become your bitterest foe... more »

  • Your Greatest Friend

    It is only in a dog for it's master such devotion you will find
    Unconditional love is not of human kind
    You may lose the love of your husband or your partner or wife
    But your dog will be your friend until the end of it's life... more »

  • Your Greatest Gift

    It Does not matter of your material or financial success
    The gift of life the greatest gift that you do possess
    And this applies to everyone as well as you and i
    It is true we do lose everything on the day we die... more »

  • Your Hero

    The heroes of the masses they live for their renown
    And the masses create their heroes and then drag their heroes down
    And the masses are unpredictable they change from day to day
    And some of their heroes like the Autumn flowers are quick to fade away.... more »

  • Your Hero And My Heroine

    Those who are great to you do not seem great to me
    On our heroes and heroines we do not agree
    My heroine in her mid sixties is one who leads by good example in life
    Though she is not anyone's mother or anyone's wife... more »

  • Your Hero Is A Well Known Local

    The one who is hailed by the masses will never be a hero to you
    Your hero is a quiet achiever to his dedications he's true
    An honest and a hard working person and one of high integrity
    You have placed him on a pedestal to you there's none greater than he.... more »

  • Your Hero Will Never Be Mine

    By the way you talk of your hero one would swear out of him the sun shine
    Don''t try to convince me of his worth your hero will never be mine
    To me your hero is responsible of crimes against humanity
    Because of him thousands have died and thousands more maimed and injured why do you talk of him to me.... more »

  • Your Heroes

    Your heroes are famous and wealthy and known Worldwide
    And your feelings of admiration for them from anyone you never hide
    On who you look up to with me is quite fine
    But your sort of heroes will never be heroes of mine... more »

  • Your Higher Self

    To your higher self you can only be true
    By paying the respect to others the respect they are due
    You will never become the most popular one of the town
    If in your own words you enjoy putting others down... more »

  • Your Horrid Day

    You feel that the World's against you and you are one without hope
    And you only live from day to day you struggle for to cope
    With the burden of debt on you and household bills to pay
    And life for you an uphill battle why should it be this way? .... more »

  • Your Ideas Of War

    Your ideas of war and war heroes are your own and that's okay with me
    But when you tell me war leads to peace with you I can't agree
    Bad feelings between people who have been to war for years and years remain
    In war as well as the needless loss of life friends you don't ever gain... more »

  • Your Ill Gotten Gains

    That criminals are not rare happens to be true
    But the Karma they sow it will become their due
    What we do unto others in turn we receive
    On such a philosophy i do believe... more »

  • Your Imaginary Hard Life

    You may think you are one who does have it tough
    But compared to many life for you seems easy enough
    Millions of homeless people are sleeping rough tonight
    Compared to them your future is looking quite bright... more »

  • Your Journeys In Life

    Your journeys in life may take you far from home
    To famous Cities such as London or New York or Paris or Rome
    But how far you have traveled as a person of you little does say
    Since the stay at home person may be as good if not better than you in many a way... more »

  • Your Judges

    You feel the World's against you and life is so unfair
    And they judge you by the way you look and the colour of your hair
    And they judge you by your bank account and by the clothes you wear
    And your judges are so plentiful around you everywhere.... more »

  • Your Life Is The Greatest Gift

    At he top end of Town at your fashionable postal address
    You are one who enjoys the trappings of material success
    One of the very wealthy few and one so many admire
    And one who inspire those who to material success in life to aspire... more »

  • Your Life Is Your Own

    The fruits of your life have gone to poor seed
    And others say of you that you have failed to succeed
    But the praise or the scorn of others you don't need
    For your life alone it is your's for to lead... more »

  • Your Life Story Ought Be Told

    You have never been your Country's President or won Olympic gold
    But you too have a story and your story ought be told
    You've took the good days with the bad and you've known life's ups and downs
    And you too had your marvellous dreams of glory and renown.... more »

  • Your Love Of Place

    For some it is not a love of Country but a love of Place
    Where theirs is a loved and a familiar face
    Without any desire for to live elsewhere
    In some city or town in the big World out there... more »

  • Your Luck It Will Change If With Hope You Keep Faithyour

    Financially embarrassed and tough times of you ahead
    And sometimes you feel you would be better off dead
    But the longest lived human life in time is a brief span
    So hang on to life for as long as you can... more »

  • Your Lucky Last Five Dollars

    You were feeling so despondent and none for you seemed to care
    And you were down to your last five dollars and you were bordering on despair
    And you called to the lotto agency at the corner of the street
    And bought yourself a five dollar scratchy hoping lady luck you'd meet.... more »