• By The Sea At Killarney

    Mid April in Victoria the weather damp and cool
    By the sea at killarney 15 k's from Warrnambool
    The beach it is deserted not another human being in sight
    And a pale looking sun is setting in the fading evening light... more »

  • By The Southern Town

    My worth as a rhymer i often does doubt
    But never any shortage of things for to write rhymes about
    The magpies are warbling on this sunny Winter's day
    And in the blue sky just a few clouds of gray... more »

  • By The Torrens River

    The tourist cruiser touring up and down
    Through Torrens river along by Adelaide town
    Through parklands that the sprinklers have kept green
    Though where water missed brown patches to be seen.... more »

  • By The Wannon

    Long before it was known as Wannon by name
    And centuries before the first British explorers came
    To the Geriwerd Ranges two centuries ago
    On what year or what date i cannot say so... more »

  • By The Waters Of Finnow

    Underneath the leafy boughs
    By the waters of Finnow
    On a pleasant eve in May
    In a rushy mead in Claraghatlea.... more »

  • By The Waters Of The Tarwin

    He lives in that brown Country where the Tarwin waters flow
    And there's not much about native wildlife that he does not seem to know
    The calls of the noisy miner and the yellow tail black cockatoo
    And the whistling of the wombat and the coughing of grey roo... more »

  • By Their Long Drawn Out Caws

    By their long drawn out caws not hard to get to know
    The birds known to many as the pale eyed crow
    Familiar to many in their corvid way
    I hear and see them often in fact every day... more »

  • By Those Interested In War History

    By those interested in war history war history is read
    But the winners write the war history or so it is said
    That is how it is and will always be
    What is true to one is not to another that's how it seems to me... more »

  • By Time I've Been Fettered

    By time i've been fettered of that i won't lie
    I'm too old to daydream and too young to die
    With nothing to aspire to and my best days long gone
    And only the fear of death wills me to live on... more »

  • By Trying To Kill Off Rhyme

    Many of the twenty first century literary critics applaud the passing of rhyme
    As something that belong to another time
    But rhyme does live on in the words of the song
    With music to dance to and with to sing along... more »

  • By Wise People

    By wise people it is said when we give we receive
    On such a philosophy i do believe
    Though some with such thinking may well not agree
    You give to receive it does make sense to me... more »

  • By Worrying About Them

    By worrying about them your problems from you will not go away
    It only makes them seem bigger as the wise one does say
    The more you do worry the more your problems multiply
    That worrying only breeds more worries seems hard to deny... more »

  • Bydoo

    In the midst of nowhere in deserted Bydoo
    The home of koala, wallaby and roo
    The status of a town it never did attain
    And the walls of a dozen stone cottages there only remain.... more »

  • Byron

    The hands of time keep turning and so many years have gone
    Since Byron composed Don Juan and Childe Harold but his legend still lives on
    His brief life of adventure was lived in life's fast lane
    And the question is still pondered will we see his likes again?... more »

  • Byronic Patriotism

    Not everyone loves their Homecountry Byron the English poet loved Greece
    And in the Islands in the Atlantic he died and found his lasting peace
    To the people of Greece a true hero in their history his legend has grown
    He may have been born and raised in England but they claimed him as one of their own... more »

  • C J

    C J he is a worrier he is in a mental mess
    He worries over little things his life is ruled by stress,
    He is only in his early thirties and his hair is silver gray
    And that he looks twenty years older it would be fair to say.... more »

  • Cafe Paradiso Gallery

    Cafe Paradiso Gallery on the street to the lake
    Where the town's aspirational meet for coffee and cake
    An upmarket cafe and gallery where the poor never go to for to socialize
    It is each to their own as we have come to realize... more »

  • Cails, Kales Or Annagloor

    From high Kippagh Lake downhill it does flow
    And in Ballydaly to a bigger waterway grow
    In fields green and fertile and fields rushy and poor
    The river of three names Cails, Kales or Annagloor... more »

  • Call This Migrant Nostalgia

    The passing of time has left me wrinkled and gray
    And from where i was born and raised i am far away
    In this beautiful Country i may live my last night and day
    Call this migrant nostalgia or call it what you may... more »

  • Callanan

    He sang of Gougaune Barra and the outlaw of Lough Lene
    And the convict of Cluain Meala and Ireland's joy and pain
    And sweeter music never flowed from any wild bird's throat
    Than from the pen of Callanan that famous Cork born poet.... more »

  • Calum

    Calum will never be a World champion or will win Olympic gold
    And the story of his life may never be told
    But aged widowed pensioner Mrs Kirler his neighbor says his very equal one could not hope to find
    She has never known of anyone as compassionate and kind... more »

  • Camille

    In her mid twenties and in her prime
    And her work will improve in time
    As in the World of art she builds her name
    Camille is on the road to fame.... more »

  • Camogie

    Camogie hurling played by women it is such a beautiful game
    As hurling played by males not as famous though it does deserve an equal fame
    Suppose in sports women will never be seen as equal to men and this at least does seem a shame
    It is a man's World as is often said and things as they are will stay the same... more »

  • Campbell

    Not one tied to any one place the wandering way of life he enjoy
    It has been a long time since Campbell was a boy
    Through the big Country Australia he travels up and down
    The fellow who has been in many a town... more »

  • Campbell The Swaggie

    Australia's best known swagman with lots of head and facial gray hair
    Which does help to protect him from the sun and wind from his life in the open air
    He is known as Campbell The Swaggie one who has walked many a mile
    One who always does seem happy it is never hard for him to smile... more »