• Campbell The Swaggy

    Under the lower branches of the tall trees just after sundown
    Campbell nods off to sleep in the park of the town
    The man who has lived rough and walked many a mile
    But he always seems happy and at life does smile... more »

  • Camperdown

    In South West Victoria an old country Town
    It has been awhile since i have been in Camperdown
    The people there friendly as the word can be
    At least anyhow that's how they seemed to me... more »

  • Camperdown Joe

    So much of the big World out there he has seen
    Joe in his mid fifties has been traveling since he was nineteen
    He has been to and worked in many Countries and many towns and cities as well
    Of his Worldwide travels he has great stories to tell... more »

  • Camperdown John

    He feels happy on the coast of southern Gippsland
    Five hours at least by car from his Hometown
    A five minutes walk from the wide beach at Inverloch
    John won't be hurrying back to Camperdown.... more »

  • Camperdown Rose

    With shoulder length wavy hair and eyes of brown
    She lives quite a way from her rural Hometown
    Down to earth one who does not yearn for renown
    Such a beautiful person Rose of Camperdown... more »

  • Can Anyone Tell Me

    Can anyone tell me what are they on about
    Those people who on the minds of those of the age to vote sow the seeds of doubt
    Of their political opponents of whom they do not have a good word to say
    For them power is all important it does seem this way... more »

  • Can Become Boring

    Our varied interests make us more interesting as people would you not agree
    Since sameness can become boring is how it seems to be
    But with those of similar interests to you much in common you share
    That best friends have much in common far more usual than rare... more »

  • Can Come Atahuge Cost

    Jobs created that cause damage to the natural environment can come at a huge cost
    And it's negative impact on the future of humanity ought not to be lost
    Human abuse due to greed on our Earth Mother is out of control
    And on our very existence as a species of Nature may well take it's toll... more »

  • Can Ever Hope To Do

    Money speaks every language it does seem this way
    And is seen as most important in the Human World of today
    Few do wish to know of the financially down
    The homeless and hungry of the poor side of the town... more »

  • Can Only Come From Within

    The power to do good can only come from within
    And to be kind to others is never a sin
    Of more kind and compassionate people humanity is in need
    For a better World to live in they help plant the seed... more »

  • Can Only Speak The Truth

    For the man who does call a spade a spade
    There will never be in his lifetime a street parade
    And in his community he does not have one true friend
    But on telling of the truth on him you can depend... more »

  • Cannot Agree

    Our returned soldier heroes from wars far away
    Some of them ageing grandparents of today
    In the war parade marching showing their years in gray
    On the lapels of their coats their medals for bravery on display... more »

  • Cannot Change The Past

    We cannot change the past what is done is done
    And tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone
    Yesterday just a memory of the forever gone
    And we live in the now and life does go on... more »

  • Cannot Say I Care Much

    Cannot say i care much of what the literary dons have to say
    Of the women and men of rhyme of today
    To them poets do not write in rhythm and rhyme
    And such stuff does belong to another time... more »

  • Cannot Say I Envy George Pell

    Sexual crimes against children one could never condone
    But leave it to the one without sin to cast the verbal stone
    For his crimes against children Cardinal George Pell has been made to pay
    He is in a Melbourne prison and there for awhile will stay... more »

  • Cannot Say I Know Much About Nature

    Cannot say I know much about Nature those who do are of the lucky few
    But in my many walks in her quiet places from her I've always learned something new
    And the more one learn about her the more one come to realize
    That Nature she is a marvel one who never ceases to surprise... more »

  • Cannot Win Them All

    Not even the World's number one female tennis player despite her Worldwide esteem
    Is above criticism as her price for fame it would seem
    Ion Tiriac of Romania a billionaire ex tennis champion with her as a player not impressed
    Though she is adjudged to be the current World's best... more »

  • Cannot Worry

    Cannot worry where my last remains are destined to lay
    Or if they are cremated when i have lived my last day
    Any worries i have had will be no more
    I have had a good innings of ten years with three score... more »

  • Canungra At Foot Of Mt Tamborine

    On flowering trees in park where grass is brown
    The friar birds call in Queensland mountain Town
    The afternoon is hot no puff of breeze
    And it must be close to thirty five degrees.... more »

  • Cape Paterson

    The butcherbird piping on the wattle tree
    In Cape Paterson in South Gippsland overlooking the sea
    And o'er the volcanic cliffs in the clear and sunny sky
    The Pacific and silver gulls call as they fly.... more »

  • Cape Paterson In South Gippsland

    Renowned for it's natural beauty and it's great scenery
    Cape Paterson in South Gippsland that overlook the sea
    A nice place for to visit if you are passing that way
    And one could not find a more peaceful place for to grow old and gray,... more »

  • Capeweed

    Originally from South Africa and quite pretty indeed
    Those flowers in Spring that cover the paddocks they are known as capeweed
    With bright yellow petals and a dark brown heart
    From all others quite easy to tell them apart.... more »

  • Captain Con Murphy Of Ballydaly

    It has been ninety six years since Captain Con Murphy of Ballydaly was the first Irishman for the possession of arms to be put to death
    By order of the British Government by firing squad he was robbed of his living breath
    In January nineteen twenty one in Cork Military Barracks on his life's thirtieth year
    One who died as he lived a brave man free of fear... more »

  • Cardinal George Pell

    Of late things for him are not going at all well
    The venerable and honorable to many Roman Catholics Cardinal George Pell
    Some of the former abused children in the Ballarat Royal Commission said of the abuse he did know
    And of that he is hiding the truth the suspicion does grow... more »

  • Cares And Worries

    We all have our own cares and worries even every billionaire
    Despite their vast amounts of money of worries do have their own share
    A happy and a carefree person is one you do not meet every day
    Though it is true that worrying about them does not make your problems go away... more »