• Carlos Delgado

    The one without sin ought be first to cast the stone
    And the one with courage stands there all alone
    A silent figure before the jeering crowd
    For his principles he refuses to be cowed.... more »

  • Carmel

    She has not been feeling too well of late
    Carmel to many is such a good mate
    A very good person for to pay to her what is her due
    In the god she believes in on how she lives she is true... more »

  • Caroline Dowling

    In the Corporate World her's is now a great name
    She has known great success and success comes with wealth and fame
    The President of Flextronics International great success she has known
    In Millstreet they are proud to claim the beautiful Caroline Dowling for their own... more »

  • Carol's Dad

    Towards the end of his life he had suffered but of suffering he set himself free
    And his final wish by his family was granted that his ashes be scattered at sea
    Far north of this Land he was born and far north of here he went to school
    And maybe the ocean waves took him back home again to Liverpool.... more »

  • Carriganimma Between Millstreet And Macroom

    In the fields of Carriganimma between Millstreet and Macroom
    The wildflowers of Nature today are in bloom
    And in the leafy groves the nesting songbirds do sing
    Carriganimma is a beautiful place in the Spring... more »

  • Cartcarrong

    Where so many species of water birds reside
    In the tall reeds in the shallows they nest and from predators hide
    Lake Cartcarrong at Winslow has strong links to the Peek Whurrong Race
    At all times of year quite a beautiful place... more »

  • Casey Stoner

    A World Champion formula one bike rider one of the best of his time
    Casey Stoner an Australian legend is retiring in his prime
    Only in his mid twenties in his sport the World's best
    One never found to be wanting when put to the test... more »

  • Casterton

    The hills surrounding Casterton are looking rather brown
    And not much in the line of commerce in the old colonial Town,
    The Glenelg river is not flowing for the weather's been too dry
    For months on end day after day the sun's blazed in the sky.... more »

  • Casterton Has Many Claims To Renown

    The high paddocks above Casterton the color of hay
    On a warm and humid late January day
    On a day that is even quite warm for the time of year
    Among the great stories of Casterton one we often do hear... more »

  • Casterton's Kelpie Auction

    In Casterton at the kelpie working dog auction the auctioneer's gavel rose and fell
    At five thousand four hundred for the top dog good dogs not hard to sell
    The first Kelpies were bred by Jack Gleeson from a pup he bought in Casterton Town
    At sheep mustering and penning the kelpies know renown,... more »

  • Castlemaine

    You've heard the song 'The wild colonial boy'
    An oft sung ballad of decades gone by
    His name was Jack Doolin from Castlemaine
    Where now no trace of his existence remain.... more »

  • Castlemaine In Central Victoria

    The once home of Jack Doolin the famous and notorious bush ranger
    To history Castlemaine in Central Victoria is not a stranger
    Of decades long gone the men who mined for gold there the inspiration of song and story
    Of triumph and failure in their quest for glory... more »

  • Castlemaine In The Winter Can Be Wet And Cold

    On the galvanize roofs the pattering of the rain
    And the breeding frogs sing in the pond and the drain
    Some memories do linger with me they remain
    Of a typical Winter's night in Castlemaine... more »

  • Castlemaine In Winter

    In the central Victoria Town of Castlemaine
    The currawongs call in the wind and the rain
    And this Countryside with lots and lots of rain could do
    Much more than heavy showers for an hour or two.... more »

  • Castlemaine On An October Evening

    In and around Castlemaine that is often so brown and so dry
    Where beauty and greenery today meets the eye
    On this the thirteenth of October two thousand and sixteen
    I have never seen central Victoria so green... more »

  • Catching The Pig

    No story for to be published too small or too big
    Sean Radley online has published the story of Catching The Pig
    At the Priest's Cross in Millstreet in Duhallow a piglet running free
    Disrupting the traffic this is something nowadays one often does not see... more »

  • Catherine Duggan

    To be kind and compassionate and a great wife and mother were her claims to fame
    Before she married Con Duggan Catherine Murphy was her name
    An only child of Andrew Duggan who hailed from Lisnaboy
    Con died young in his early forties a long life he did not enjoy... more »

  • Cats Are Born Hunters

    Cats are born hunters it is in their nature to kill
    Small birds and small animals killing to them a thrill
    If the species they have killed is rare or of extinction threatened cats are not to know
    Discernment is not in their nature and mercy they do not show... more »

  • Cattle Egrets

    To the grazing cows or steers they stick close by
    To devour tiny things that from big hooves hop or fly
    The cattle egrets for them an apt name
    Though shy of people when with cattle they seem tame.... more »

  • Celebrity Worship

    Celebrity worship Worldwide is rife
    Making gods of flawed people to some a way of life
    The egos of the celebrities by them are well pumped one can say
    So many of the impressionable sort in the Human World of today... more »

  • Celine Mcauliffe

    Celine McAuliffe a good and brave woman whose praises deserve to be sung
    Her husband Michael died when their children Richard and Kathleen were young
    The Reaper of lives grief her did not spare
    She did have a heavy cross in life to bear... more »

  • Cell Phone Addiction

    In some forms of twenty first century technology for Nature's beauty no win
    Than the people and life around him his cell phone he was more interested in
    Too busily enamored in the phone to even glance my way
    On strangers to him he would not waste a good day... more »

  • Centuries From Now

    In centuries from now stories will be told
    Of legendary people of the days of old
    And for the returned from war soldiers a big street parade
    It is out of young warriors that heroes are made... more »

  • Chainsaws Are Blaring

    The sun shining bright in the blue Summer sky
    And the chainsaws are blaring in the parkland nearby
    The workers of the developers are cutting old growth trees down
    To make room for more buiildings on the industrial side of the town... more »

  • Champions They Grow Old And Gray

    Liston and Foreman to him fell
    And he beat Joe Frazier as well
    But even the champion boxer in his prime
    Like everyone must bow to time.... more »