• A Song For Esteria

    Your voice from afar
    sounded like the song-bird
    that was singing in the morning.... more »

  • Another Dawn Shall Break

    It has not only been all dark and fearsome,
    This past night.
    I had spent the hours tossing like a
    log that has been left on the sea,... more »

  • Be My Doctor

    Be my doctor
    and let me know
    the cause of this
    sudden irregular heartbeat... more »

  • Blind To Reality

    The less is stealing,
    So is the much.
    As for the more,
    They steal the more... more »

  • Concerto Goree In 'A' Minor (For Maya Angelou)

    Oh! Oh! ! Oh! ! !
    This is not a cry of pain.
    It is the sound of the push of
    the pangs of the birth of a tale... more »

  • Dancing To Despondency

    My village is long gone;
    The Koko seller drops a cube of sugar and charges you for two;
    The carpenter charges you for things he does not need for your roof;
    The husband cheats and the wife retaliates in like many;... more »

  • Dancing Without Drums

    Did not your fathers before your father
    leave a tale in your household?
    Did you not ever have any relation
    to guide you, children who come from... more »

  • Did You Throw All Away?

    Do not send out the lava of your anger
    for the anguish on your face is enough to tell the heat
    that has collected under the hills of your heart.... more »

  • Do Not Take Away The Light

    Each time l close my eyes,
    l experience what the blinds do.
    And anytime l enter a dark room,
    It tell me what it is like to be blind.... more »

  • Dont Be Surprised

    Kojo, son of Ashitey,
    I have called you by your real name
    because l want you to listen to me.
    Your family have deaf people but,... more »

  • Flow Like A River

    The river does not walk on its
    journey struggling to get
    to its destination because
    it takes its step in a direction... more »

  • I Am Already Dead

    The dead goat, my people
    say would never be afraid of
    the knife no matter how sharpened
    it looks to the eyes.... more »

  • I Am Happy

    Yesterday, l sat with a face
    that could scare away the lion;
    it was grim and pregnant with worries
    and it did give me heavy heart because... more »

  • I Do Remember

    They were his words
    long before he died
    in the marshes near Nungua.... more »

  • I Have Wronged You

    It was only yesterday that l
    held you in my arms
    singing the lullabies to you
    showing all the love and... more »

  • I Shall Sing My Song

    One day soon,
    I shall sing,
    sing my song.
    One day soon,... more »

  • I Want To Dream

    When l close my eyes,
    l want to live it big somewhere
    with about three maids
    seated at my feet to do... more »

  • I Will Tell All

    Pray ye all;
    that,l do not go
    before you all
    to that yonder country... more »

  • It Was The Mother Of Sins

    I have been to Goree and cried
    that men created by God tried
    and subjected other beings to a sin
    that was so horrible to be seen... more »

  • It Was To Be Our Last Port (For The Two Princesses)

    We thought the Lord had listened to us
    after we cried unto him to give us a root
    when we neared this port that we had built
    in our mind to keep us away from others.... more »

  • Just Say A Word

    These things do not just happen;
    it takes something special
    for thsese things to occur
    but it has happened to me.... more »

  • Last Post

    We shall not blow a bugle
    from the roof top in their memory
    because our people did not die
    they withered away in the Atlantic... more »

  • Leave Me Alone

    On a Monday, the Pastor said
    you fed on my destiny and killed
    all my dreams and hopes.
    Then, you returned to tease me of... more »

  • Listen To Me

    l am not sitting in front of you
    because l am gone.... more »

  • Living In The Minefield

    I did not close my eyes when it happened,
    my eyes were wide opened all the time.
    It was a friend that l had gone to for help
    but it turned out that times have changed.... more »