• Look At Me

    Look at me and let my image
    remain in your memory bank
    and never allow anything to
    cause it to be re-formatted,... more »

  • Me, The Mocking Bird

    I have heard all,
    Seen all there is
    And above all, said all.... more »

  • My Caribbean Pearl

    She treads the earth boucing her back
    like an Ashanti royal walking towards
    Kejetia market with an adinkra adorning
    her chocolate coloured skin that the... more »

  • My Silence Is Pregnant

    I have deliberately sealed my lips
    not because there are no words
    that l can form to reply you.... more »

  • Nostalgia

    I am not sick by looking back in time
    it is just the nice things that
    keep returning to my mind.... more »

  • Nuremberg In The Atlantic

    This strange people labelled
    my forebears as slaves,
    bundled them onto vessels, and
    later said they died on the high seas.... more »

  • Pepertual Flame

    We have cried till our tear ducts bleed,
    We have looked and not found;
    Yet we soldiered on hoping
    Until it happened where we all did not noticed.... more »

  • Reach Out

    Whenever you get to bed,
    Save a thought for the world;
    Think of the majority who
    sail around without food and shelter.... more »

  • Sadist

    I have opened the doors of my
    heart to you and all you have
    done is to slam your's in my
    face as if l am some stranger.... more »

  • Selling The Word

    I have learned to keep my thoughts
    where they belong all these years.
    But, l would not keep silent when
    a charlatans comes to sell the Word to me.... more »

  • Smile Back

    We sat at the cafe with she
    all glorious and beautiful
    looking like the most High has
    dressed her up for a contest.... more »

  • Solitude

    There is a place across
    the ocean where Kpende
    our chief from Aneho was
    once a guest against his wish.... more »

  • Strange Mourners

    l saw twisted tears,
    that refused to fall;
    And l looked well... more »

  • Strange Woman

    She was the bitch
    that sat on the birch
    used for the table for the rich
    that was because she likes to be within reach... more »

  • The Darkened Daylights

    It is not the engulfing darkness that l fear;
    I do not worry about Kpormebgbe's household;
    And l have no problem with the snakes on grandma's farm.... more »

  • The Dog In Me

    See what
    Coronavirus has done to me?
    I didn't bark,
    and l did not jump... more »

  • The Moon At Noon

    These are days we never expected
    and these are times that should not
    have come to meet us on our journey;
    these are not moments that one would... more »

  • The Order Of Life

    After sunrise,
    comes noon and sunset.
    When you sow,
    the seed germinates,... more »

  • The Other Truth

    I have heard all you said,
    But, my grandfather told me
    a different story.... more »

  • The Story Of Our Life

    She once stood in front of me
    and in silence painted the
    picture of what our lives would
    be if l do not shatter the fragile... more »

  • These Three Days

    l sat down and watched
    the sun dried all that l had
    hoped for and made my dreams... more »

  • They Said It

    When our grandfathers said
    a man does not quench his thirst
    with water that he has begged for
    they had us in mind so that we would... more »

  • This Butterfly Stings

    I went out to play like all children do
    and found this strange butterfly
    that has colours more than the rainbow
    the type that no one has ever encounted.... more »

  • This Earth Has Gone Mad

    This Earth, My Brother has gone mad
    Because the world we live in now
    Has been turned upside down
    Like a respected Henor singing... more »

  • This Garment You See

    They who have journeyed like me
    have so much that others do not have.
    We have seen things that the naked eyes
    cannot see and the brain cannot imagine.... more »