• This Is A Wonderful World

    the stars that brighten the blue skies
    at nightfall,
    sings me a song that;
    this is a wonderful world.... more »

  • This Viper Has Struck

    It came to me in a human form,
    dancing and cajoling with a
    voice that made me think l was
    sitting with an angel from the... more »

  • To My Kinsmen

    What wrong have we children of Ekpo done
    that the journey that others take days
    have become years for us?... more »

  • We Have A Heart

    Greater hatred
    has a human being
    who can look another
    in the eye and get... more »

  • We Mourn You

    We have looked and looked
    but the waves do not show us
    any sign where these people left
    you and we would never know... more »

  • What Happened?

    I was asked to drink water
    to prepare for the dry season
    that was yet to come.... more »

  • When The Lion Roared

    l heard clearly the roar
    because it was not far from where l stood
    that was before l woke up from my sleep.... more »