• +ana Isabel Ramirez-Bosch,32

    (With Emmanuel Levinas)

    In Memoriam
    + January 11,2009... more »

  • A Secret Of Journeys

    In memoriam: Mario V. Bolasco

    The manner of leaving... more »

  • Another Theory Of Echoes

    In the beginning
    Before beginnings
    God said
    Let there be light... more »

  • Apollo By Moonlight

    (Reflections on the voyage of the ages)

    1.... more »

  • Asun Of The Revolution

    In memory of Sr. Asuncion C. Martinez, ICM,84
    + July 21,1994... more »

  • Awakening

    By violence signed and washed clean like grace,
    I have awakened to light revealing names and stations
    where an Adam lived in innocent nakedness
    stricken with the throbbing grandeur of a paradise.... more »

  • Beyond The Pillars Of Intellect

    Within the walls of this holy temple
    I have been put to shame by the mind of a Child
    Exploring from his place what lies
    Beyond the pillars of intellect,... more »

  • Bonding

    [For Cita, newly wed]

    Event of choice and chance... more »

  • Buddha Trees

    How do a mango tree and a bodhi tree
    Become One?
    The story is told
    Of a typhoon venting fury on the City,... more »

  • Cecile Licad In Concert

    Cecile at the piano
    The piano playing her

    Both playing me... more »

  • Checkpoint Id On My Birthday

    Attention! Know all by these presents:

    This afternoon the regional consular office
    Gave me a passport good for five years,... more »

  • Child You Come As A Poem To Me

    From across the silence of four months
    Gently you are starlight years after

    The violence of birth in time... more »

  • Christmas Invite

    To one and all

    Come please come... more »

  • Christmas Metanoia

    Slay Zacharias, kill the buddha on the road!
    Go beyond heart-heart relations,
    Go beyond mind-mind bonding,
    Go for spirit-spirit-Spirit communion,... more »

  • Christmas Poinsettia

    Regard this
    Cuetlaxochitle de pascua
    La flor de la Noche Buena
    Love offering of Mexico... more »

  • Claims

    I could tell that it was mine
    just by its tail teasing me in the wind.
    My fingers were clumsy, perhaps,
    without the power of this stranger's... more »

  • Configurations

    Once upon a time these hills,
    This valley of Malaybalay were barren,
    Now we see a garden patiently re-created
    By prayer and labor of monks and workers.... more »

  • Crispin: Toccata And Fugue In D Minor

    (In memory of Rev. Fr. Crispin Offermans, O'Carm, organist, friend of the Filipino people, who died in The Netherlands after many years of mission work in the Philippines.)

    1.... more »

  • Cumpleanos

    Today I complete another year in God’s Kingdom.
    I awoke, rose to the chirping of swallows,
    Went out to the veranda to praise the Lord
    For wide sky and long sierras and a valley heavy with corn.... more »

  • Easter Places

    Our truth,
    Our way,
    Our life,
    Be always the Risen Lord.... more »

  • Encounter

    It was the wind
    of humans rushing over her
    that made her one with the creaking bridge
    and the dark canal smelling of rotten eggs.... more »

  • God Of The Other, The Other Of God

    A footnote to Levinas (12January06—25December95)

    Unto his image
    Unto the image and likeness... more »

  • Grace Of Freedom

    I lift this poem to the Lord and his people in gratitude
    For grace of freedom greater than whatever I had before –

    Greater freedom:... more »

  • Holy Hour

    You contemplate me
    At midlife become
    Your holy hour
    And from your brokenness... more »

  • Homecoming 1: The Language

    It is the idiom of parable
    Spells the difference between stranger
    And citizen, a language of time here,
    Mere curiosity for those passing through.... more »