• Homecoming 2: The Church

    All the streets lead to the sacred temple
    Built by the town’s flesh and bones,
    Its spirit, the blood of life freely given.
    The secret is tabernacled here... more »

  • Homecoming 3: Breaking The Circle

    Everything is as it was in his beginning,
    And distance from him was no excuse for change.
    Even the dead are alive in the living,
    Knowing his return to his fathers’ rain and sun.... more »

  • Homecoming 4: The Graves

    He returns to these graves to see
    Time and timelessness kiss epitaphs
    Of non-being and feel the touch of presences
    Alive with the warmth of recognition.... more »

  • I Sing Of The Event That Is Matchless

    The way it was:
    A newborn baby’s cry broke silence of one night.
    The cow mooed, the donkey brayed,
    A chicken cluck-clucked and laid an egg.... more »

  • I Was Speechless When I First Saw You

    You lay in your crib a total presence
    Unexpected beyond the imagination of love

    And hope and a father's daydream... more »

  • Identity On March 29,2010

    On the eve of full moon in Aries 2010
    Time of dry grass and birds of silence
    And 10-minute scattered showers of mercy
    Rationing of water and electric power... more »

  • In Holy Week

    His prayer abides
    That we be gentleness of his ways
    Of his hands breaking bread
    Pouring wine of health and cheer... more »

  • Levinas

    In Memoriam

    Who held himself... more »

  • Like Bird Forms

    Like bird forms
    Are my people
    Are caged
    In time and place... more »

  • Member Of The Wedding

    For Nina and John

    I wish I were there
    To take it all in... more »

  • Misa De Gallo 2009 Christmas Message

    the roosters crow more than thrice.
    alert clocks and cellphones.... more »

  • Mountain Ritual

    (a valentine poem of long ago)

    When I miss your presence
    And love must traverse highways... more »

  • Newborn For The Memory

    (For Phil and Maricar)

    “Ditang hits Central Luzon” – News... more »

  • One

    “Astonishing! Everything is intelligent.” - Pythagoras

    Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, He said.
    And the minds of creation in polyphony chorused agreement.... more »

  • Open Windows

    Let midnight in
    Starlight moonlight and lamplight
    Sunlight and mindlight... more »

  • Openings

    Consider the sky:
    Like mercy
    A flower of purpose
    Breathing earth fire... more »

  • Paschal Credo

    Between hosannas of earth and glories of heaven
    Above shattered power of Sanhedrin and State
    Above tribal loves and laws of the heart
    So it is: his cross our cross lifted high/... more »

  • Pentecost

    Once she surprised as tongues of lightning
    Filling the night with thunder
    Promising virginal creation.... more »

  • Poem On Her Birthday

    To celebrate you
    I decided to send a poem,

    Over a mountain,... more »

  • Presence

    In memoriam:
    Mama Crescenta Rojas Albano,89

    Not in this anointed urn before me are you, Mama;... more »

  • Quiapo Easter

    Manila, Phjilippines

    The spirits emerge... more »

  • Reasons Of Earth

    In memoriam FG

    It must have been a most difficult decision
    Knowing how it keeps us all in being like... more »

  • Ritual 11

    Who showed a grand way to live
    And a manner of dying well,
    Dare us to greater choices of freedom.
    O flesh and blood of our race,... more »

  • Ritual 5

    (For Anna +February 20,1989)

    I gather you Beloved... more »

  • Ritual 6

    There are times
    I pause for your knock
    On the door
    When sheer silence stands... more »