• Ritual 8

    Every event of you that I have known
    Returns to make you whole again.
    Your death is merely a distant mountain
    Imposing but harmless. I am well, Beloved,... more »

  • Ritual 9

    Who can stay mementos of wind and surf,
    The rustle of leaves and sparkle of burns
    We once noticed? So many flowers and clouds
    Touched, and ideas we designed together?... more »

  • Sacramental Ceremony


    It is receding horizon to pursue... more »

  • Sanctuary

    Like a solitary jewel set on green velvet
    She sits on rock, her hands on her knees,
    Her face cupped in her hands. In the garden-
    Sanctuary of Notre Dame, she just is.... more »

  • Showrooms

    The showrooms hide a hatred for nudes.
    (See love abhorring empty places!)
    In yellows and reds is an emperor
    Displaying his hundred canvass faces.... more »

  • Silent Night, Holy Night

    (After Mategna’s “Night”)

    Claim this night,... more »

  • Sitting

    The council of friends yields and disappears.
    Incense recedes into four corners
    As deed and circumstanace smash idols
    And puncture illusions of logic and law.... more »

  • So Much Holiness Around

    Behold the lilies
    And persimmons
    In a cyclotron... more »

  • Song For Anna

    I went around
    Looking for carnations.
    I couldn’t find any.... more »

  • St. Benedict Of Nursia

    His mountains design flight of earth
    Rise of self to the top
    Where word and silence stop
    The inner eye seeing... more »

  • Tagaytay Easter: View From The Ridge

    Tagaytay Easter:
    VIEW FROM THE RIDGE... more »

  • The Passion Of Jesus According To

    The Basin:... more »

  • The Ruins Of San Pablo

    (San Pablo, Isabela, Phjilippines)

    There it stands, remnant of superstructure,... more »

  • To Deaconess No!

    On her natal day, September 25,2011

    May you always be
    God's masterpiece of art... more »

  • Up

    When I got up, to no alarm,
    The child was already awake.
    Herald of future before the sun
    He greeted me.... more »

  • Wordflesh

    Speak, O Risen Word
    Your light everlasting
    In darkness of the heart
    And let Spirit rule the deeps... more »

  • Zacharias In Advent

    Imagine this man,
    A priest, no less,
    Not believing an angel!
    No life comes from... more »