my life was normal growing up single mother. I have the strongest female role model my mom. we used to live in an apartment till we moved in with
my step dad all i remember was drama she had two daughters the stars in my night sky and the love of my life i am working on gitting off probation
and graduating school i know that it is going to be more difficult the longer i wait so i am gona start january 14,2008 i have to say this past year was crazy i moved out back to my home town of santa cruz even though i was born in mex i was raised in Santa Cruz i also started to really party and abuse substances i fell off for a little and lost contact with reality i cant say jail was the best it forced me to be a man and when i got out i felt that i could still be kickin it i had always felt like i had to prove my worth and this last time i went i lost sight of my life
my car was leaking transmision fluid my clothes were all dirty i was broke and to top it off i got the worst case of poison oak that i ever could have possibly imagined after that i have done nothing more than
be a burden at my mom's house i moved back in i have contacted probation and i also have to do six months at a drug and alchool rehabilitation center i have no faith in any higher power to change me i am changing myself and nobody can tell me what i know in my hart i am doing i also am a high school deficient and am working on obtaining my ged i am working on my life and i have no need to preach to anybody how to fix theirs you yourselves know what you have to do and i hope you all find your way blessed be


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i want to leave from this place
i want i want
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the next day
while still night they let me out before daylight
sent me home
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