• Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful girl
    I feel on the edge
    and I wonder if you feel me
    thoughts of it all... more »

  • Better Day

    And a dream
    and maybe for good
    this dance... more »

  • Deja Vu

    These things that plague upon me
    they come with the moon
    and with the sun
    that these things happen... more »

  • Existence

    Misguided in the stars
    And we seek revelation and find none... more »

  • Experience

    What does it matter now?
    what can we gain in this mess?
    some experience of something
    and that is all... more »

  • False

    Her beauty and her grace overwhelms me
    and not one impure thought wraps the depths of my mind
    but I'm afraid my reflection of her was false
    my time gives way and hope her journey intertwines with mine... more »

  • Infinity

    A speck of dust
    and we move
    and it seems such... more »

  • It's Gone

    And you relive the life that was so wonderful
    And you think of the many times gone
    But who can wonder
    When will it all return... more »

  • Language

    c'est moi... more »

  • Look For

    ... more »

  • Mind Game

    And it looks dim
    And tears shower
    walls... more »

  • My Freedom

    Over exposure
    it lays in my mind
    nonsense garble
    and I write and write... more »

  • Of Immaturity

    The old days of the immature have gone astray
    Look upon the mothers gaze, her child a man in a day
    Walk this step of one hundred times, each of us has yet to own
    Know the love that sheds in a youth of pain that shows... more »

  • Once More

    What happen to that angel, I remember seeing you once months ago?
    And your hair and your skin, and it flowed, what darkness have you?
    Who told you these things?... more »

  • Sacred Heart

    something sacred,
    something meaningful,
    its earthly its search is earthly,
    I search and sought. meaningful sought,... more »

  • Singular Dawn

    Singular dawn
    stretches from my sight
    what worries do I bring myself to know
    but the ones that come to me... more »

  • Splendor

    This beach of dreams
    these oceans that are forever
    can I wake from this?
    I don't know what this is... more »

  • Thirst

    Drink this life
    Tis was your own
    This taste of an existence
    Of a never ending cycle... more »

  • To Lady

    I don't know what you feel
    or what you want to feel
    or how you want to be touched
    I run on blood and soul... more »

  • West Side Thought

    Can you ever live another day like this
    The sun breaks away into the clouds
    And what else can I do
    ..nothing... more »