• Ballata

    'O LITTLE shepherdesses fresh and fair,
    Say whither do you come so soft and rare?
    Say, whither lies the land where you were born,
    Where sweeter fruits than any do betide?... more »

  • Caccia

    ONCE, deep in thought, I, passing 'neath some trees,
    Beheld a troop of maidens gathering flowers;
    One cried: 'Ah look'; another: 'Nay, see these,'
    'What hast thou there? ' 'I doubt not lily-showers.'... more »

  • On A Wet Day

    As I walked thinking through a little grove,
    Some girls that gathered flowers came passing me,
    Saying -- "Look here! look there!" delightedly.
    "O here it is!" "What's that?" "A lily? love!"... more »