• A Lake, Mountains, And Three Volcanoes

    Beauty be a setting such
    In this perfection hearts draw much
    To places of depth where a soul longs to
    Find itself not mere... more »

  • A Little While Longer

    A little while longer we lie in this stillness of earth
    The time silent, as it flies by to the ending of our mirth
    Your presence brings peace in these moments sweet
    Your touch release a stir long forgotten till now this meet... more »

  • A Thousand Lights From A Mountain

    Here I stand
    In darkness of uncertainty
    On the edge of a cliff in the middle of a night
    A cool breeze is chilling my spine... more »

  • Amber

    An amber glow slides off the evening
    From reflections on windows and pale streetlamps.
    On bricks in the dark it lights a soft touch
    In the stillness of dusk the slight effects much... more »

  • Beach

    An endless beach a golden strand
    Two lovers walking hand in hand
    The swinging of arms
    The chanting of tunes... more »

  • Beach Of Beauty

    Rolling on the wind the sun soothingly bathes
    A warmth into grains stretched into endlessness
    A soft heat rises in peaceful swells that craves
    The freedom of the sky and the breath above the waves... more »

  • Beauty

    Aching flames of fleshious promise
    Beauticious nature,
    ................ luscious temptature.
    Verve of life the motive drive... more »

  • Bright Eyes

    Bright eyes
    Burning like fire
    Bright eyes
    Your heart was my desire... more »

  • Broken Wood

    A skirmish of hearts
    Of bits flown to parts
    Yet the friends’ clear love
    Holding still all in cove... more »

  • Cats On A Bedouin Shore

    On Bedouin shore soft I sit and wonder
    Looking over a dark Red Sea and a darker shore yonder
    On pillows of content and a breeze God sent... more »

  • Closing Door And The Distance To Pain

    We chattered for hours in hope and glee
    Friends sharing novel beginnings as the night passed free
    I don’t know now the words to come next…
    My pen stops, as I wonder how things progressed... more »

  • Crust

    Six months pass,
    But growing through the cracks in my dreams the grass,
    A weed
    Feeding my soul delusion as seed... more »

  • Departure

    Late I depart from something so sweet
    Till morn when we again will meet.

    Mine tongue sometimes been bitter... more »

  • Direction

    When east turns to south forth
    West will turn to north

    A straight line of opposites... more »

  • Drops

    Particles crash, the water smash
    Vehement disfigurement of organic trash
    Water seep down the gaps the ground
    A soothing cascade of shattering sound... more »

  • Ellipsis...

    Three dots that end a line
    That stir the thoughts to a further place
    An ending unknown lets the images shine
    Of dreams or of dreads that the future chase... more »

  • Ember Nights

    Light whistling of leaves on trees
    Lights flashing, softly, on faraway clouds
    A breeze of rain freshens the air
    We, looking beyond at nature fair... more »

  • Grey

    O grey, grey, grey
    Hopelessly trying to fold it away
    My matter grey unsaned by the grey mist spray
    Black and white knowledge; blinding pressure... more »

  • Hollow

    Revelation came in time a month
    A month of cheer, smear and jolly good year... more »

  • In A Small Dark And Gloomy Town

    In a small dark and gloomy town
    I awake one night with chaos in the air
    I can feel a mood brewing, pressing like a frown... more »

  • Island Blue

    A placid stream flows through my thought
    As a cool round liquid drop
    Falling, but never to a stop.
    A blue radiance cool around my mind... more »

  • It’s Almost Past Twelve And I Have No Words

    It’s almost past twelve and I have no words
    No words to express this feeling inside
    A sadness of eternity, the lost thereof
    Of multitudes, too many, blind in their stride... more »

  • Joy!

    In an evening such as ever before
    God opened my heart to a fiery soar
    These emotions till then,
    Lingering ‘hind a door... more »

  • Kinders

    Agter élke liewe draai
    Sit die kinders en spaai.
    Enige mure en deur
    Kan húl oë nie keer.... more »

  • Longing

    I gaze into the night
    From my room from my window new
    I see the winds and hear green leaves
    Green leaves now cast with shadow of night... more »