• Love

    Love is patient, love is kind
    Love seeks not its own mind
    Love doesn’t envy, doesn’t boast
    Does not keep arrogance and rudeness as host... more »

  • Lying Love

    A ninemonth season of narcotic love
    With naked veracity down to the core
    Purest love it showed to be
    Soft, soothing, allrevealingly.... more »

  • Manstreet

    That man on the street
    Sleeping for his meat
    Crouching by the street
    Yearning for the meat... more »

  • My Prayer

    Let not my faith depend on me
    For I am weak.
    Let me trust wholly on You Lord
    - Almighty God... more »

  • O Life Divine

    There is a silence that stills the mind
    When walking or sitting or wandering alone
    A silence that bids fear and fret you make you own
    To melt away and be left behind... more »

  • One Night

    One night,
    I saw the force,
    Moving steadily through the... more »

  • Orion’s Belt

    On an evening destined by Celestial design
    The stars looked down to a beginning divine
    Silent on grass in the shadows of a mountain
    Two souls connect in the shadow of Almighty... more »

  • Ponderance Of Joy

    What is joy, delight?
    For delight is but distraction
    Escapement of life... more »

  • Predator’s Prey

    A young boy is crumbled in a bundle small
    Under wooden boards of stairs outdoor
    His breath is held as he grips the ground of the floor
    In his back an ache, from the angst in his heart a longed-for break... more »

  • Riverstars

    In the midst of a wild, cool, a placid
    Small little stars they scurry around
    A community of life in silence they sound
    The submittance to the greater roar in passion abound.... more »

  • Search For The Divine

    Words are few to describe the gentle crackling of an early dawn
    When dark turns to life in a crisp new bristling
    When enthused winged creatures stir away the nightly yawn
    With sounds of verve on green growth moist’ning... more »

  • Sequitoris Tates

    The small being opens his eyes
    To a war raging in the silence of blind lies
    - Looks upon a virgin window
    First blood of the war fought unseen... more »

  • Servants Of Futility

    On a dark grass lawn with fading lights in the far
    Figures sit and lie, their shadows almost no more
    Their mouths move to utter and consume
    The time passing by as they lie and they lie... more »

  • Shining Insignificance

    A dreary road that winds and grinds
    You down to dirt on a trail trodden frail
    When you’re walked over and stepped upon
    As people pass you by... more »

  • Snowflakes

    Commenced the night with uneasy cold
    That threatening winter wanting to take hold
    Lightening crashed and trunks were thrashed
    The force of night wreaking its spite... more »

  • Soaring Light

    O pain of the poem where are you now
    To inspire, to conjure my words of passion
    Emotions so bare, so preciously full
    To flood out the lines that stirs the soul... more »

  • Sorrow

    I can’t find myself
    I can’t find what I’m said to be
    I can’t find to see the future He see
    The promises spoke fall helpless of me... more »

  • Talaat Harb Street

    As I walk through woven roads entangled
    A heat pressing from the ‘sphere and this bustling petrol-fair
    Walking on tar crossing darkly rivers sullied
    With grime and soot and soaked-down polluted air.... more »

  • The Drifter Fly

    One morning I awoke with sun spilling to my bed
    With my awareness weak I notice an intruder by his instincts bound and lead
    Roaming through my room on a quest known his own
    Flying midst a crisp morning breeze he ventures alone... more »

  • The Lost Of Romance

    In a timeless sphere a thought becomes born
    Of something lingering in the heart of existence
    A stir of emotion flows
    As the thoughts in quantity grows... more »

  • The Place

    The place of green dreams
    Under darkened trees
    Shades upon green grass thick
    Foretells the pleasure bliss may be... more »

  • The Propagation

    A subtle tongue finds its way
    To places where judgement still empty lay
    A screen created in the minds of many
    To paint the pictures seen by any... more »

  • The Rose

    March ‘96
    There she was…
    The rose, elegantly placed,
    With unexplainable beauty embraced.... more »

  • The Wooden Maze

    I see a vision of the sounds very clear
    They are close by ever so very near
    A maze of people in a polished wooden forest
    Where voices ring thorough and silence protest... more »

  • Twilight

    Realm of thought
    Shaken to distraught.
    Revelation newly caught
    Dawning now a twilight on my thought.... more »