• Contra Commas

    cast... more »

  • Dementia

    Her madness was mere notion then.
    From behind our papier-mâché masks

    we watched impassive as it grew.... more »

  • Fellow Travelers

    A mouth like the gorge
    of Echo
    led a wandering sky-blue
    eye... more »

  • Hill, Sunset, Rocks, Sheep

    High on Hoose Hill
    behind which slides slowly
    the always brazenly clangorous
    sun (with whatever colors quietly... more »

  • In A Dovecote

    skein... more »

  • Inching Into Madness, His Old Wife Still Sees Certain Things With Perfect Clarity

    He's dull as dribble; when he speaks,
    he reeks; his hair is falling out
    in clumps. He's swag-bellied and sway-
    backed. His rig hangs upside... more »

  • Knight Errant

    That feigning-friendly leering letch
    over there, kneading from behind
    the shoulders and neck of a pretty
    young thing barely half his age,... more »

  • Museum Piece

    Ham-handed Henry had his way with her,
    as they say, in more ways than one.
    Considerate of him to shield her white
    skin in here, out of the sun. Bodily... more »

  • Riverside

    I got your message from I know not where
    but there was trouble on my phone. I heard
    just this: breakfast…tugboat…lemon…click,
    followed by a static hiss. (I, too, am, at my best,... more »

  • Solitudinarian

    This is delicious, both meeting
    and not meeting, being here and
    not being here, wine half sipped
    for full savor.... more »

  • Take It From Horace

    Take it from Horace,
    who long ago warned us
    not to paint a dolphin in a forest,
    nor a wild boar disporting on a wave.... more »

  • The Good Parasite

    a child,
    a child of mine, if you must know,
    brought me a flower,... more »

  • The Kingfisher

    A broken skein, long signature scrawl
    against a dropcloth sky: the geese,
    the barking geese are flocking.... more »

  • To Pele

    I have discovered a way to write
    love poems to women just before
    breakfast and without lying.... more »

  • White Nights

    A woman unseen, her eyes deeper
    than vanished continents, sits
    in a room, smoking a cigarette,
    waiting for a dawn that just... more »