• A Biker's Rush

    My spirit soars through air so clear,
    my booted foot selects the gear,
    my hands are gloved but music make,
    by pulling levers of clutch and brake,... more »

  • A Father And His Son

    How does a father tell his son he loves him? That he’s number one?
    How does son see father now, when all that’s been could well be done?
    How do these two fellas mark the special things that each has felt?
    How will life turn out to be? Have all the cards been dealt?... more »

  • A Sailor's Dream

    I gazed in awe at this beauty in wood,
    in the soft morning light she suited my mood,
    mellow in colour, soft browns and golds,
    and I wondered what stories about her are told.... more »

  • An Ode To Hope

    I’m sitting here so far away, lonely yes, but just today.
    Tomorrow starts another page, inside this hot, oppressive cage
    that keeps the bills and charges paid, yet more despair from it is made.
    Away from you I don’t feel whole, I’ve lost a large part of my soul... more »

  • Builders' Bums

    As hips are bent with backs so low
    The world sees builders’ bums on show
    There’s lots of them both large and small
    Belonging to builders short and tall... more »

  • Combustion

    Combustion is a complex matter
    Usually stopped by using water
    There’s fuel and heat to mix right in
    Add oxygen, completes the thing... more »

  • Deep In Thought

    I stood on a warm wooden boat deck today,
    soaking up sun, my mind trying to say
    what emotions and feelings were stirred up inside,
    at the thoughts that I’d thought, and the breath that I’d sighed.... more »

  • Distant Hills

    I look up from my writing and see such a sight
    bathed in warm sunshine, this African light.
    The hills in the distance are blue, purple, grey,
    their summits draw graph lines ‘gainst light of day.... more »

  • Dreams And Smiles

    You lie quite still in morning light,
    bathed so softly, eyes closed tight.
    Your hair cascades ‘cross soft white sheets.
    I see your neck; your slow pulse beats.... more »

  • Dusk

    Ranks of cloud clothe hilltop’s crown,
    as the hot African sun slips slowly down,
    with reds, orange and purple tints.
    Who knows what tomorrow hints?... more »

  • Here Lies My Tigger

    Here lies my Tigger, now safe and sound,
    His poor broken body beneath this ground,
    Hit by a vehicle it seems as he roamed
    Found on the footpath trying to get home... more »

  • Lancelot And Guinevere

    When Guinevere was locked in cell
    She sounded off a MEGA-YELL!
    ‘Save me, save me’ she cried so hard.
    The king is cruel, he’s marked my card.... more »

  • Life, Times And...

    Born by your Mum in a hot, dark space; discovered in hiding by an enormous white face,
    your sisters and brother were black just like you and you squirmed and you struggled to get a clear view... more »

  • Marina The Mermaid

    There she lies in the cool winter sun,
    a sculpture in sand, uniquely just one.
    Her name is ‘Marina’, she has golden hair
    that flows out behind in spectacular flare.... more »

  • Night-Night From Africa

    What has Africa shown you today?
    Was it colour; it's wildlife or just how to play?
    What did you do in Africa's bush?
    Did you take your time or did you rush?... more »

  • Parting's So Hard

    You woke with a tear that rolled down your cheek,
    As I opened my eyes, I just caught a peek
    of you trying to cover it, not wanting to show
    your sadness at parting. I know; I know.... more »

  • Pillow Poems 3

    Before you sleep this night away
    Think about your life today
    What did you do to help poorer souls?
    With whom did you share ambitions and goals?... more »

  • Rain

    Large wet drops lose clouds firm grasp
    and fall on hills to which plants do clasp.
    The drops sink in, they’re gone so fast,
    Without the rain no plant would last.... more »

  • Sat On The Sand

    I sat on the sand, as the sun went down,
    I listened to the sea, white foam as her gown
    My mind was in neutral, my gaze far away,
    as I listened to the sound of the sea today... more »

  • Spirit And Soul

    Human spirit’s a strange thing to see
    It lives deep within both you and in me
    You can’t go and buy one from a shop or a store
    Yet its often displayed and when seen you want more... more »

  • 'Tis Time To Say Adieu!

    The cloud is low, it’s colour grey
    The start of yet another day
    My mood is low in tune with this
    The news I have like winter’s kiss.... more »

  • Valentine's Kiss

    As dawn breaks into consciousness, my hand stretched out to touch
    your soft, warm form ‘cross pillows strewn. It’s sometimes just too much
    for me to only gaze upon. My love swells up, my arms reach out to gather you to me
    I gently stroke your sleep away, from dreams that set you free.... more »

  • Waterfalls

    Listen to that waterfall. It ripples along that old stone wall.
    A sound that can spell bind all those who hear.
    It’s a noise that will never be associated with fear
    That rippling sound conjures up mental views... more »

  • Well, Who Am I?

    I stay outside in sun and rain,
    my thick black coat is on again
    it’s sometimes heavy but has no weight -
    look, get up will you, I cannot wait,... more »

  • What Am I? (1)

    Why is it this quite small chap
    can out-perform a well sprung trap?
    His legs are tiny, yet hinged just right
    to give him extra-ordinary height... more »