A nearly 60-something, going on 23 fella driven by life's emotions, and its ups and downs. 5 years at sea,30 more as a fire officer and now working on the safety side of things in the oil and gas industry. Most of my writings were done in the ealier part of the 21st Century when emotions were raw and the pen provided escape. Amazed myself by the variety of topics, all from every day life as I travelled, and searched my inner self.


Frank Ian Bowen Poems

An Ode To Hope

I’m sitting here so far away, lonely yes, but just today.
Tomorrow starts another page, inside this hot, oppressive cage
that keeps the bills and charges paid, yet more despair from it is made.
Away from you I don’t feel whole, I’ve lost a large part of my soul... more »

Dreams And Smiles

You lie quite still in morning light,
bathed so softly, eyes closed tight.
Your hair cascades ‘cross soft white sheets.
I see your neck; your slow pulse beats.... more »


Ranks of cloud clothe hilltop’s crown,
as the hot African sun slips slowly down,
with reds, orange and purple tints.
Who knows what tomorrow hints?... more »

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