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Welcome back with a renewed poetic and creative potential after 4 months & thank you for the new poems; reading works of the poets who never depend on mutual adoration, is really an experience -worthy and nice, stay creative and independent, for your work reflects these qualities.
The poet of Colors & Symbols, as open in his poems as he is hidden behind the name; loyal to relations, sensitive for tragedies, pure in essence..........exercising full command on language...the visit to his page proves rich for the reader...many arresting lines are there on his credit....: And do you think that not saying I love you will allow me residence among sane and do you think that I can still think and write when poetry is not about you … Best...
Achaaa to kya pulitzer prize jeetna itna asan kam han... char motay motay angrazi kay lafzoon ko tarteeb dee khabi aur khabi bay tarteeb bhi chor dia lo bhi pulitzer prize kay chance ban gya... lol.: P~~~
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