• Cancer

    All those lonesome hours, glancing darkness, overruling and embracing the moon in silence,
    I felt a step in my heart, shattering, dancing in the hollow corpse of my fading life.
    Yet when I felt lest to meaningless prayers, my tears tripping as my heart is slowly dying...... more »

  • Dark Depths

    Such dead whores, breeding the path before me.
    Which blesses me, with unwavering pains, and searing thoughts.
    Beauty of darkness expresses through depression.
    Whores, saving my obliterated heart, in mellow ballads of a century or 2 ago.... more »

  • Lost Horizon

    ... more »

  • Suffocation

    ... more »

  • The Martyr And The Angel

    Broods of the mere immortal soul.
    Sins should not be weighed lightly as was mine.
    My eyes, the closed windows.... more »

  • Train Spotting

    ... more »