• Echoes

    I have returned into my land of day,
    And lo! it is not light!
    And she who claims my homage is betrayed.
    I went to furious fighting in far lands... more »

  • Edelweiss

    THERE grows a white, white flower
    By the wild Alps of romance;
    And who would reach its dainty leaves
    Takes life and death in chance.... more »

  • Nursery Rhyme

    One year, two year, three year, four,
    Comes a khaki gentleman knocking at the door.
    'Any little boys at home, send them out to me
    To train them and brain them in battles yet to be.'... more »

  • Progress

    THEY’VE builded wooden timber tracks,
    And a trolly with screaming brakes
    Noses into the secret bush,
    Into the birdless brooding bush,... more »

  • The Last Port

    I WROUGHT and battled and wept, near and afar
    I scanned the secret of the bud and star.

    Hill-road and desert, and the hurrying street... more »