well hi im frankie, I dont really have much of a story yet as mine is only just beging to unfold. So far not much has happened, I've had my ups and downs just like any other person. Life's been hard over the past two years. I've learnt so much. I cant believe all the things you find out as you get older its amazing like there's a whole other world out there, but its big and scary and No-one wants to face that all alone. All you have to remember is that you don't you've got everyone you could ever need with you and you'll lose and gain close friends, you'll have your heart broken from time to time, but all you have to do is pick yourself back up put a smile on your face and say I can do this. and you will believe it or not, its all about trying if you try your hardest no one can exspect anything more from you.
anyway I've ramble on for to long so I'm gonna leave my biography here for now and I'll add some more to it when it happens.
well I've met this guy OMG so cute. lol. I like him alot if you havent already guessed.
I had SATs/Exams all last week, so fingers crossed lets hope I do well. I get my GCSE results soon well tomorrow lets hope I did well. Ok so I did kinda well but I could have got better: P


Frankie Stones Poems

If Only

If only you could see into my eyes,
And see the deep despair that you left inside.
The pain that kills.
And nothing fills the hole,... more »

Good Bye

Each time you say good bye,
It gets harder,
It’s the not knowing,
That’s the worse part,... more »

The Smallest Touch

The smallest touch,
Made my heart race,
My chest pound.... more »

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Somegirl . 13 May 2007 10:18
So much said in so few words.