• A Fear

    I didn't know what to do,
    I was trapped,
    A prisoner,
    A slave,... more »

  • Afraid To Cry

    ... more »

  • Alone A Lot Longer

    When it came to certain things,
    I had chosen to be alone,
    For a lot longer time then,
    I wanted as with the questions I get,... more »

  • Complete

    The Happiness seeped from the corners of every room I went in.
    The Despair had returned from nowhere,
    Claiming me once more.
    I aimlessly starred out of the window,... more »

  • Cry

    ... more »

  • Day To Night

    The day seems to have escaped me,
    There's nothing left but night,
    The darkness that seems to creep,
    Closer than you'd like,... more »

  • Elements

    ... more »

  • Forbidden

    ... more »

  • Good Bye

    Each time you say good bye,
    It gets harder,
    It’s the not knowing,
    That’s the worse part,... more »

  • Guarded

    I don’t know what it is no more,
    A house, a home, a prison.
    I feel trapped, guarded.
    Unable to reach out for the daylight,... more »

  • Guy Like Him

    ... more »

  • He

    He saw what no one else could see,
    He saw the truth, He saw the real me.
    He looked beyond my fall from grace,
    He looked behind, my ears, my nose, my face.... more »

  • I Can'T Explain This

    The felling inside I could not explain,
    A great delight which only brought a smile to my face,
    As the despair of normal day life left my heart.
    I felt someone had wrote my name in the starts,... more »

  • If Only

    If only you could see into my eyes,
    And see the deep despair that you left inside.
    The pain that kills.
    And nothing fills the hole,... more »

  • It Wouldn'T. It Couldn'T

    ... more »

  • Life

    You hate it,
    You love it,
    You can’t stand the people in it,
    But you wouldn’t get rid of them for the world.... more »

  • Longer

    Seconds turned into Minutes,
    Minutes into Hours,
    Hours into Days,
    Days into Weeks,... more »

  • Love

    This feeling is so different.
    It feels so good inside,
    I can see everything differently,
    Through my new found eyes,... more »

  • Memories

    ... more »

  • My Bestfriend

    your pushing me away
    it hurts I hate it
    your closing up on me
    not letting me in... more »

  • My Birthday

    ... more »

  • My Never Ending Dream

    I never thought i could feel this way,
    The way I'm feeling when I'm with you,
    Do you remeber that first date,
    'Cos O I, I really do.... more »

  • My New Shadow

    I had developed a new shadow.
    But this one did not share my thoughts or feelings.
    It had an opinion of its own.
    It had a different connection to me.... more »

  • My So Called 'Friends'

    ... more »

  • Never Coming Home

    ... more »