Franklin Spriggs Biography

Dear precious readers,
Just a little of your time,
I’ll try to speak about myself,
And try to make it rhyme.

I was born in a small little town,
About fifty six years ago,
A small town indeed it was,
I’m from Portsmouth O-HI-O.

Raised in Columbus,
From the time I was two,
Where I was educated to some degree,
Where I was nurtured and I grew.

Off to the military for eight years of my life,
Returned to Columbus, took Beverly to wife,
Four children later, they’ve all came of age,
Thus a new chapter in my life, thus a new page.

Met Jesus in a church one night,
My heart never more to be the same,
Walked into His Heavenly Light,
Came out with another name.

Done open heart surgery in a cloud,
Removed this heart of stone,
Put one in of love and joy,
No more to walk alone.

To share with all the people,
Who will lend a listening ear,
For all the poems in my heart,
To those who care to hear.

The poems and music that I write,
Are not for me, and me alone,
But to resonate to everyone,
A lovely musical tone.

And may God always bless you.

Author, Franklin Spriggs
January 24,2008