• At Old Railroad Stations

    At these tiny old railroad stations,
    Which my own train long ago left behind,
    I fear for the pressing crush of people... more »

  • Dance Of Death

    Death has taken me out for a swing.
    At first I didn't drop from the quickstep
    In his dance and clogged right along
    Until he drove the tempo up... more »

  • Das Bleibende

    Solang noch der Tatrawind leicht
    slowakische Blumen bestreicht,
    so lang wirken Mädchen sie ein
    in trauliche Buntstickerei'n.... more »

  • Dead Friend Of My Youth

    Now when you come all that way to meet me
    From the country house of your death,
    I know that you would remove your hat... more »

  • I'M Still Just A Child

    O Lord, tear me to pieces.
    I'm still just a child.
    And dare to sing
    And call upon you... more »

  • Morning Hymn

    I am not dead. Through slit and crack
    The piercing ray only glanced me,
    And in the glow of self-possession
    I survive once more once again... more »

  • One Hour Ater The Dance Of Death

    I lay in the abyss, where twisting squeezing
    The lowest form of life pushed itself peristaltically.... more »

  • Six Septets To Honor The Spring Of 1905

    Maria Immisch was the springtime.
    With feeling and reverence
    I snatch her adored name from the underworld.
    When I was fifteen in '05, that year... more »

  • The Creature's Stare

    You stroke the fur of the big fine dog.
    Looking way down into its eyes, you speak,
    Pointing out for me the enormous sorrow... more »

  • The Faithful One

    So many play with you,
    You play with the many,
    But you never see me
    There in the background,... more »

  • The Patient

    The patient looks outs into the garden burning
    With Christmas* stars of vermillion fire.
    They flower, he feels, nicely on that bush together,
    But he is no longer akin to himself.... more »

  • The Ram

    You've inherited the great ram's features,
    The black-wooled one that bred with Jacob's herds.... more »

  • The Snowfall

    Oh the slow fall of snow,
    Its unending blanketing swirl!
    Yet my mind's eye was giving shape
    To what couldn't be kept hidden,... more »