A young Rwandan scientist, entrepreneur, Author and a leader. Is also a freethinker and a christian.


Fred B Kagame Poems

Crown Is In The Sky

Crown is in the sky. Don't let people get hunted,
God designed you and I, Not for expensive cars to be purchased.
They will hate you and I, Withstand until you die... more »

A Village Life Of A Cowherd

A Night and a day look similar,
in all civilized states.
But don't look similar,
in all primitive states.... more »

My Mind And Succes

My mind is growing any more,
my mind always everywhere,
checking for what to wear,
becose, world has no lea.... more »

Fred B Kagame Quotes

Remember, better life is easy to live but hard to find. That's why you see some get lost.
when life get hard, we have to remember that is preparing the good life.
Not always life comes the way you want it. But you turn that way you want after holding it in your hands.
fred b kagame on 04th. June 2016
'Everything which has a beginning must rich it's climax, then to an end. May be with different situation. But it is proven principle of lifespan which can not change. Therefore an end is not a miracle'.
An End is not a miracle.

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Hello, Sorry for the delay but i wanted to read your poem The place was in uganda but i have failed to find it.