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Reading and writing, pen and paper,
they have given the younger Frederick
a passion from his primary school years:
as soon as the alphabet was learnt;
the very moment he could wield a pen,
there began a continuing journey
wherein the destination is not placed
more highly than the moments spent,
the sojourns explored, in writing.

Will you come and journey with the author,
traversing time and space, imagination -
of things real or conjured in the mind
when the wattle blossoms dance in the wind,
the birdcalls and the dingo's howling....
in that hour of phrases catching, we shall
see the wonder of life itself unfolding.


Frederick Kesner Quotes

'Whence a poem dies is conceived a phoenix.'
Frederick Kesner
At the uttermost reaches of what's known is a glimpse of what's beyond.
Frederick Kesner
Somewhere beyond suburbia is our forgotten self.
Frederick Kesner

Comments about Frederick Kesner

Shaun Cronick 15 Sep 01:52
See you are now an Australian poet. Best country in the world. I hate England full of pommies.
Dominic Hunt 08 Aug 2012 02:19
Really liked mother mother Deeply sad and moving
LOVEFOOL Aka 28 Mar 2009 09:12
One of the the most talented and original poets I have ever encountered.Check out his work on youtube and be very very impressed