• Ashes

    Burn the fallen
    Throw him
    To the winds
    Of the seven seas... more »

  • Background

    Prisoner of a
    Screaming mind
    I am trapped by
    The man in the background... more »

  • Beast Within

    Hiding in the shadows of a troubled mind
    Driving me forward
    All the while destroying me slowly
    He need only a moment but its still to much... more »

  • Beauty Or Despair

    Hello my dreamland
    Am I far beyond repair
    Can you see a future
    Filled with beauty not despair... more »

  • Broken Thoughts

    My fingers slowly slipping away
    Clinging on to the edge of sanity
    Every step leads me to the same place
    Can’t run away anymore... more »

  • City Night

    Watch and listen
    Side by side
    Flickering lights
    And the many sounds... more »

  • Deadly Shadows

    I believe I can see you even tho you’re not there
    Every time I turn you vanish into thin air
    Lurking in the shadows of my pain
    Making me believe I’m marked... more »

  • Dreamland

    Wake up my love
    From your dreamland
    Wake up again
    As the sun rise once more... more »

  • Dying Wall

    Hit the wall
    It will receive
    All your pain
    Without uttering a word... more »

  • Falling Sun

    Look to the sky
    As the sun falls into the sea
    Shadows running up the hills
    While the moonlight dances across the waves... more »

  • Follow The Stream

    Watching the blue
    Wast and grand
    Old like the evening
    And it´s beauty at hand... more »

  • It´s Raining

    Watch the tiny drops
    As they fall from the sky
    As many becomes one
    But who is it that cries... more »

  • Ledge

    Standing at the edge
    He looks to the sea
    Chained to the ledge
    He wants to be free... more »

  • Life Within

    Life within the depths of me
    Am I like the dying old tree
    My leaves are falling slowly t the ground
    I can fell my soul withering without any sound... more »

  • Lonely Little Heart

    Built a giant wall
    Many years ago
    Imagined safety
    But loneliness began to grow... more »

  • Long Lost Friend

    For the best friend
    I never will meet
    You the one to set me free
    Make my anger fly away... more »

  • Mask

    The one who hides his face in the dark
    He who always where´s his mask
    Hiding away
    From the light of day... more »

  • Oceans Deep

    Staring at the ocean
    Watching the waves
    Feeling the wind
    Blowing away... more »

  • Our Lonely Dimension

    Beneath the boot of time
    We are squashed and left behind
    As the rest walk away
    Eager for a new day... more »

  • Painting Tears

    If a tear could paint
    What would it be
    A river flowing
    Or a forest green... more »

  • Rising Sun

    Rise with the sun
    To the tones of the birds
    Look over the trees
    As the first rays comes through the woods... more »

  • Searching For A Key

    Am I broken
    Beyond repair
    Can I tear down
    My walls of dispear... more »

  • Silent Screams

    The mind of a madman
    Screaming out to the world
    Shouting in silence for no one to hear
    Why won´t you help me... more »

  • Tears In Heaven

    Oh why do
    They cry
    The white winged
    People of the sky... more »

  • The Battlefield

    Bloody metal
    Brings you to your knees
    The fading voices
    And the many screams... more »