• As You In Me, As I Exist

    in the dusk a taste of dawn
    its complete unwavering
    emptiness; yet
    dancing rays of the sun... more »

  • Heartbreak.

    I long to see
    What the eyes cannot
    Be unto such euphoric surrender
    Bliss, wanting to feel... more »

  • Heavell

    Gates of heaven, or hell
    Opened up, let me in
    Surprised with what I saw
    Angels and demons, or... more »

  • I Rest In You Alone

    i sit and wonder
    as the beauty of the world unfolds
    right before my eyes,
    taking all that i am.... more »

  • Invisible Visibility

    I don’t see him from far away, but my eyes are glimmering
    I’m sitting on the porch, not really contemplating
    Strong, black coffee on my hand and a book on my lap
    In the silence hearing the whistle of the wind as if calling... more »

  • Seraphic Days, Mystic Nights.

    light up the dreadful sky
    Sudden gush of winter craze
    Spring cools the weary heart... more »

  • The Break-Up

    So we meet, eye to eye, face to face
    Confusion sets in to find its place
    In my heart that begins to tremble
    And thoughts filled my mind;... more »

  • Timeless Sleep

    you wake me up gently

    when my wicked world sleeps... more »

  • You And You.

    you. you and your words.
    they keep on ringing,
    spinning, relentlessly
    waking me, you wake me up... more »

  • Zoning Out, I'M Awake Now.

    Once I was staring, zoning out into space
    My mind’s off somewhere, into a different place
    I look around, there’s nothing to see
    Only to realize, really, nobody’s with me... more »