• Afraid To Fall In Love

    Allow me to close the chapter before it ends.
    It's been a long walk through streets of gold,
    Through glittering highways so appealing to the eye.
    I see this beauty beckon,... more »

  • An Altar Of Forgiveness

    I build an altar of forgiveness,
    A shrine of love to sacrifice our rotten differences
    See our present is a shrouded presence of hate untapped
    Our soul, a patched cistern of pent-up bitterness... more »

  • More Than What I Wanted

    I treaded down a path I never knew
    Down familiar grounds where nothing was few but everything was new
    Through thick forests where serpents and all the wild find rest
    A naturalist haven, so peaceful to harbor nature's very best... more »

  • Revive

    Revive you faint hearts, revive
    Revive for your redemption is here
    Come drench your anemic vein
    Come get a blood transfusion from the lamb that was slain... more »