• And Its Not That I Dont Love You

    and its not that i dont love you
    its just that im so scared
    scared to love and lose again
    i dont think that i could take it... more »

  • Did You Feel It Too

    Did you feel that moment
    entwined for what seem liked forever
    and i didn't ever want to let go... more »

  • I Am Your Friend

    Inside i know your broken
    inside i knoww you bleed
    the blood pores out
    and you let out a groan of relief... more »

  • Memories

    u cant take my memories away
    those are mine forever

    you can beat me down... more »

  • No Surprise

    Is it any surprise
    that im sitting here
    with tears in my eyes
    and a heart so heavy... more »

  • The King

    And the day you realise
    what is is that you want
    let me know okay,... more »