• And I Adore

    and i adore you
    and i know you will leave
    and when you are gone
    there will be no other... more »

  • Because He

    and i write so much less now
    because he is mine
    because he loves me
    and i know that he loves me... more »

  • Colored Dream

    in my mind
    she walks through
    the clouds
    the sands... more »

  • Darling

    darling you
    create inside of me
    an inspiration and respect
    before...... more »

  • Down In The Dark

    down in the dark where i live
    i can feel the earth squirm squishingly around me
    down in the dark where i live
    there is slime on the stone floor and it's cold between my toes... more »

  • Enough

    seldom do i feel this way
    happy to stay right here
    keep you near... more »

  • Exceptions

    you and i will be the exception to the rule
    new life will spring from us and all around us
    we will have that which we have never had before
    for God has granted us this chore... more »

  • Fever

    fever burning
    it is the hot sun burning down... more »

  • For You

    i write this for you
    because you are good to me
    like nobody has ever been... more »

  • Forget You Not

    ... more »

  • Happier Person

    childhood was great
    filled with trains
    wading in the lake
    rocky ridge park... more »

  • Hot Art

    loyal love
    art things
    friends... more »

  • How Much Do I Love Him

    there is no way to gauge how much i love him
    how much does a plant love the sun and the rain?

    there is no way to measure this love from within me... more »

  • Humble Fear

    if i write something
    it won't be good enough

    if i speak... more »

  • I Know You

    ... more »

  • If

    if i could feel your breath against my neck
    and you were sleeping by my side
    lying there awake i'd pray over you
    my hand softly touching the back of your neck... more »

  • In The Land Of Milk And Honey

    no falling in love with love
    unless the love is true
    the concept of love means nothing
    if you do not love you... more »

  • Keep A Light On

    really i want to be
    by your side
    there isn't any other substitute
    for your side... more »

  • Let You In

    ... more »

  • Love And Perfection (Reflections)

    ah love is grand.
    you look at the beloved
    and they are sun-drenched
    under a cloudy sky.... more »

  • Love Bug

    i love you
    your love of bugs
    my ant watcher
    stay with me... more »

  • Merry Go Round

    as i sat on dirt worn streets
    and trundled down the road
    you were my friend, day in day out
    and life pressed on, pressed on... more »

  • Movement

    a dead rose, wilted
    drying up in the sun
    turning to dust
    upon the stone... more »

  • Muggy Dragon

    muggy day
    dragon day
    muggy dragon day
    in the mud... more »

  • My Song For You

    god spared you
    i guess he spared me too
    you know i didn't, couldn't, wouldn't
    understand it at the time... more »