• A Mother's Heart

    If I have to sketch in a canvass,
    I'll paint and draw my mother's heart,
    The brushes; able to hide the snakes in the grass,
    With a thousand soldiers; she can fight and protect.... more »

  • Aftermath

    Each life's experiences,
    Mixed emotions as we faced it daily,
    A cry for a nation; heal our land,
    Hear us Oh Thee; what a catastrophic tragedy.... more »

  • Bittersweet Memory

    Pouring out a jar of wine,
    A bittersweet bites, a foretaste on my lips,
    Pale; totally turned lifeless,
    I was able to forget and sleep well over night.... more »

  • Decadal Note

    Mesmerized on a decadal note,
    Written on a red pen in an auburn notebook,
    A note that addressed to me,
    What a lovely letter I ever had.... more »

  • Enigma

    I'm scared of its possibilities,
    Signs are inevitable; my heart competes on teh deep-truth,
    The rain shall fall; it is,
    Frighten of the stars turn unreachable.... more »

  • Eye Opener

    Slip of the tongue; I’m loose of balance,
    My anger; I disposed it under the sun,
    Amidst the deep blue sea; I was out of my way.
    I’m out of control; I’m out of nowhere.... more »

  • Gay Katherine

    A strong woman whom I know,
    A survivor in every mission,
    A wife and mother who strives to be far away,
    In her heart desires; she's aiming to be with her family.... more »

  • Haiyan (Yolanda)

    Raising up with different ideology,
    To stay home or to be safe,
    I may not prefer on material things that can be found,
    But the life that needs to be secured.... more »

  • Inseparable

    Enjoying one’s self selfishly,
    Exclaiming strong emotions despicably,
    Doing something trivial in the dark night,
    A mutual pact kept; extreme love outburst.... more »

  • Passion

    An outlet to outburst my emotions,
    My passion; it is a vocation?
    My heart and soul; rolled over,
    A camera resembling; it captured the whole scene.... more »

  • Pilgrim

    Dream; chasing an astonish vision,
    A pilgrim; pursuing where to go,
    A new accountability to hold on through,
    A traveler; it's a must to do for a dreamer like you.... more »

  • The Notebook

    My thoughts are written in the space,
    Full of emotions; a deep sigh for release,
    The notebook and ink; my own witnesses to behold,
    Able to write a rough draft notes; a true to life story.... more »

  • There She Is...

    Looking at her a distance away,
    Far yet I know she is; I smiled with a twinkle-eye,
    Doubtful if I can hit her heart in my bow,
    With my hunter cupid; I become a knight to ease her sorrow.... more »