• Dead Cries

    Dead cries
    silent lies
    you don't see me complaining;
    whining and fussing;... more »

  • Faggot

    fag... more »

  • Famous People

    ... more »

  • Gay On The Wall

    'homosexuality is like an illness.'
    said the one you'd looked up to for most of your life,
    'Don't get involved with homosexuals'
    said the one that had given birth to you,... more »

  • I Graphite On The Fourth Wall.

    I graphite on the fourth wall.
    The wall that separates your favorite mall between 'the hall pass'.
    I graphite all over it;
    making ukes in a B.L. realize it;... more »

  • Rhymes

    I may be sad;
    I may be mad;
    as I pad;
    as I-... more »