• A Son Was Born To A Poor Peasant

    A son was born to a poor peasant.
    A foul old woman stepped inside
    The hut, with trembling bony fingers
    Clawing her tangled locks aside.... more »

  • All The World's Ruled By A Dragon

    All the world's ruled by the Dragon -
    Fiery, mad, wicked, perverse.
    Let me praise him with a humble,
    Daring and ironic curse:... more »

  • Devil's Swing

    Over the rushing river
    Where shaggy fir-trees stand,
    The devil himself is pushing
    My swing with furry hand.... more »

  • Don Quixote

    Through the rusty, ever-grinding clangour
    Of the fierce worldly chariot,
    Through the curses, whistle, laughter, clamour,
    Having lost his horse, lance, shield and sword,... more »

  • God Will Doom You

    God will doom you, for sure,
    Because you - so droll;
    You will have to endure
    The earthly pain in all.... more »

  • His Wines, Feasts And Funs

    His wines, feasts and funs are forgotten,
    His sword and his armour are left,
    He, single, descends into rotten
    A dungeon, without a lamp.... more »

  • I Composed These Rhythmical Sounds

    I composed these rhythmical sounds
    To make lesser the thrust of my soul,
    And to draw the heart's endless wounds,
    In the sea where the silver strings roll,... more »

  • I Have Enchanted All Of Nature

    I have enchanted all of Nature
    And forged each moment's quality.
    And what a horrifying freedom
    I found in such a sorcery!... more »

  • Some Wizard, Very Bad And Sly

    Some wizard, very bad and sly,
    Had separated mind my own,
    From real nature my -
    And that is why I cry and moan.... more »

  • The Amphora

    In a gay jar upon his shoulder
    The slave morosely carries wine.
    His road is rough with bog and boulder,
    And in the sky no starlights shine.... more »

  • The Painful Genius, Great Shakespeare

    The painful genius, great Shakespeare,
    You never trusted in deceitful tales -
    In all your Hamlets, Calibans, Macbeths,
    And lighted inside me the fire, I'm to bear.... more »

  • The Sacred World's Unquestioned

    The sacred world's unquestioned Pharaoh -
    I filled it with my spirit's breath
    And shall not ever have a hero
    Nor in the heavens nor on earth.... more »

  • We Are All Captured Beasts

    We are all captured beasts,
    And we howl - as we might.
    We can't open the doors,
    For the doors are locked tight.... more »

  • What Are Our Villages

    What are our villages, destitute,
    Or the whole of time and of space?
    Father's mansions exist in a multitude, -
    We don't know their name, and their place.... more »

  • When Heaving On The Stormy Waters

    When, heaving on the stormy waters,
    I felt my ship beneath to sink,
    I prayed, "Oh, Father Satan, save me,
    Forgive me at death's utter brink!... more »

  • When I Sailed In A Sea

    When I sailed in a sea of tempests,
    And when my ship sunk into sea,
    I wildly cried: "My friend, the best one,
    My dear Devil, pray, help me!... more »

  • Wine And Joy

    Wine and joy are completely forgotten,
    As well as his armor and sword.
    Alone he descends in the rotten
    Mysterious dungeon. The door... more »