• ...And Nobody Cares

    ...and nobody cares,
    Because why? and what for?
    And the nobodies sleep on the parishon' floor.
    And they ask 'but why me? '... more »

  • And It Was The Beginning Of A Long And Beautiful Friendship

    We met - strangers - one day in the same old room
    We'd always haunted
    We dove right in, I guess - we two
    Told each other all we knew about ourselves... more »

  • April 18 1955

    No this was different.

    I didn't even know.... more »

  • Bubble Words

    Why are you so perfect?
    Wherefore are your fanciful words,
    And coloured allusions springing from?
    On which cloud do your metaphors float with such grace,... more »

  • Come On! Come On!

    Come on! Come on!
    Why can't you see?
    The growing sense of urgency,
    Says 'Celebrate!... more »

  • Death And An Angel Embraced Each Other In The Hotel Lobby

    Death and an angel embraced each other in the hotel lobby,
    As I, startled, fumbled vaguely towards the chain of payphones.
    They trembled far and wide and stared through designer shades
    that covered their pupils (miles high) ,... more »

  • Fire

    PC, PC, SVP!
    Follow the words to the Sargasso Sea,
    Saigon! Bombay!
    The Cubs! Hooray!... more »

  • Fly By High Your Noon

    Fly by high your noon, yes,
    For tray be told float down.
    Hold up silvery moon, yes,
    For never a smile did frown.... more »

  • Forward Time! Steady Drummer

    Forward Time! steady drummer,
    Never stop and never rest.
    Surrender spring, relinquish summer,
    At your worst and at your best.... more »

  • Golden Long

    Golden apple in the sky,
    Look at me as I go by,... more »

  • I Am No Prophet, Nothing Special

    I am no prophet, nothing special,
    I do not even believe in your Chemical Kingdom!
    But I am certain, fairly certain, Mr. Marley would hate you too,
    Were he here (oh irony of ironies!) to see the fear,... more »

  • I Am Silent, Nervous, Hiding

    I am silent, nervous, hiding,
    Barely daring breathing loud.
    I am desperate, stupid, stumbling,
    I know crying's not allowed.... more »

  • Life Here

    Maybe it is true: we all hate home,
    I know at times I've hated life here.... more »

  • Lunchtime Thoughts

    Tis not so bad, I suppose,
    If one's exile is self imposed
    This selfness does not seem to me... more »

  • Maybe A Butterfly

    No one knows just when it becomes,
    Maybe a butterfly. But
    when it does become -
    We know.... more »

  • Nervous

    I know I love you when we walk
    And I am so awkward
    And I am so gone - I swear I am... more »

  • Night Meditation

    Meditative tonight, we hit the buttons with the comings and goings of our generation
    And they hit us back – rightly so
    The sad strange flip or fish slap to the face
    Of our father’s father’s father’s well-laced boots... more »

  • Show Me Up Your Savoury Ways

    Show me up your savoury ways,
    Your unkempt hair to match your smile –
    Allow me to (if I may) revel in the swirling diatribes of your tongue,
    Candy-coated, pink, and made yet entirely of nothingness... more »

  • Sonnet I

    What sweet motivations move in your mind,
    And call you to rest and to sleep - yet dream not?
    What god-like demon of fate most divine,
    Has changed you in ways we never had thought?... more »

  • Sonnet Ii

    If you, being the moon, shone half as bright,
    During your ghostly, nighttime vigilance,
    It would not impede, nor impair mine sight,
    In truth 'twould hardly make a difference.... more »

  • Sonnet Iii

    Forgive me, faith, I know not what I say,
    For I scorn thee when all you do is try;
    I'd forgive, faith, should you lead me astray,
    And sit still as the stars fall from the sky.... more »

  • Sumer Is Icumen En

    Summer breeze soft, gently, soft,
    Under the cool green shade,
    Near the dabbling, babbling brook,
    Still up, up in the glade.... more »

  • The Smile

    You smiled at me,
    Because maybe, you thought,
    That I was someone else;
    Or maybe you're just,... more »

  • Untitled

    Oh great Fire! Oh great Flame!
    Oh great Arrow, take your aim!
    Oh Shambhala, kingdom come!
    Don't forget where you are from!... more »

  • Upon Seeing You Again After A Week All Alone And To Myself

    Upon seeing you again after a week all alone and to myself,
    I am once again struck by your youness,
    The all encompassing Sparkle and Wit of your mind.... more »