• 1. A Prologue

    Please don't judge me on what you read.
    The words i write just come from a seed
    They in most ways do not reflect me.
    But please remember most of all,... more »

  • B A Bum

    I forget.
    If it was monday
    Or sunday,
    But one day,... more »

  • Castle In My Head

    We used to live in castle across the sea.
    We used to love each other, in a castle across the sea.
    Now you are across from me,
    I find myself hating to be,... more »

  • D.S.N.L

    There is a feeling of sleep on the ground.
    Dead bodies, make little sound.
    So, lets all leap,
    Lets all creep,... more »

  • Death Is To Easy

    Its as easy as 1,2,3
    To find your self dead as can be.
    It is to easy.
    Suicide or murder... more »

  • Fear Us (A)

    What is the purpose of all this shit?
    On some days i can't deal with it.
    I am what i make me,
    Not what you want me to be.... more »

  • Good Bye

    Come by me.
    I'll see you by the water side.
    Come by me.
    Help repair my pride.... more »

  • I.S.D, I Forged Her

    In control,
    Entombed,... more »

  • Keep A Secret

    Three can keep a secret,
    If two of them are dead.
    I wish i had remembered this
    Before i said the things i said... more »

  • Plastic Coffins(My View Of Life & Death)

    Let me go
    Let me leave
    I simply don't believe
    What you want me to... more »

  • Purple Daffodils

    Sorry purple daffodils,
    I have got to go.
    Across the pond of crocodiles,
    All the way to the misty isles.... more »

  • Stab And Smile

    You don't know me.
    So don't juge me.
    Please don't shove me
    off this cliff.... more »

  • Stupidity, Not Sin

    The empty bottle of alchol
    Sits silently on the wall
    While its drinkers stumble,
    Clumsily into one another.... more »

  • Terrorists Mouses

    Day by day,
    I watch them fly bye.
    Day by day,
    I watch them all die.... more »

  • The Balad Of Johnny

    Johny was a pleasant man from far away he came.
    People in his country thought he was insane.
    He came to start a new life, with out strife, or woe.
    But your past will catch up with you... more »

  • The Way Its Gotta Be

    Love, lust it does not really matter
    Every day i get sadder
    It does not show on the outside
    But on the inside... more »

  • Thickly On The Floor

    Cars, drive me by,
    I mean drive by me.
    I think.
    I'm not really sure.... more »

  • Tomorrow

    I'll see you all tomorrow
    And i'll see you all today
    I guess what i'm say'n is i'm not going away
    Yesterday has come and gone... more »

  • Vanishing

    Don't mind me
    I'm just sitting by the TV.
    Waiting for the end of the show.
    It was a sad nickname that stuck.... more »