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  • As Blood Drips Down My Arm

    I'm sitting here thinking of all the pain i've been through,
    and thinking of everything i did and want to do,
    as blood drips down my arm.
    I've tried every way possible to express my feelings,... more »

  • Him

    he is so amazing,
    hes the light of my day.
    he makes me smile.
    hes the shoelace to my shoe.... more »

  • Is It My Fault

    Is it my fault,
    I have what I have to go through?
    Is it my fault,
    Theres no one for me to go to?... more »

  • What If...?

    what if the world was full of peace,
    without any hatred?
    what if war never existed,
    or if there wasn't thing called enemies?... more »