• 9 Unworthy Tears

    9 unworthy tears down my face
    9 unworthy tears leave a dark trace
    The tears aren't really comming from my eyes
    They're comming from the soul that's inside... more »

  • Abc,123

    ABC... I can't go on
    123... what's the next one?
    My mind is scrambled
    My heart is confused... more »

  • And I Never Thought I'D Feel So Alone

    and i thought i'd never be so alone

    in my head, im all on my own... more »

  • Another Teen Romance

    Uh oh! wakin' up from a dream
    Wishin you were here with me
    Jump up and down, now clap ya hands... more »

  • Answering Machine

    I called again. dont ask why
    I wanted to hear 'i was wrong'
    I knew you weren't home
    Maybe I could talk to your mom... more »

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    I'm here to lend you some education
    I am not a type of recreation
    I'm makin myself a new, improved creation
    I'm tryin to make a correlation... more »

  • Black Heart, Break

    Your cold stare
    Is my heart's bait
    it's the kiss of death
    it's the whisper of hate... more »

  • Broken Inside

    A took a leap on love
    because i thought you'd last
    but once you take that leap of faith
    how do you go back?... more »

  • Burying Me Alive

    The emptiness inside keeps growing
    Clausterphobia from the inside, I'm choking
    I can hardly breathe anymore
    I feel trapped, The nothingness is spreading... more »

  • But My Heart Was Too Breakable

    I dont know how to get back to
    Being anybody without you

    Conversations.. so relevant... more »

  • Cold.

    I scream in pain as i fall to the ground
    Oh, God where have I fallen now?
    The silent scream shatters the noise
    Who knew this would be the last time I'd feel?... more »

  • Dance The Night Away

    Face buried in the blanket
    Blood pulsing again
    When the sun ges down lately
    These are my only friends... more »

  • Don'T Fall In Love With Me[short Prose]

    Don't fall in love with me
    I tell you, It's NOT worth it
    I promise, my heart isn't worth
    Anything this world has... more »

  • Don'T Hurt My Feelings

    Someone punch me. i want to feel pain
    Bruise me. Hurt me. scar me in my flesh
    Slap me, kick me, push me around
    Pick me up and slap me to the ground... more »

  • Don'T Let Me Hide[song]

    She hides behind these eyes
    She hides behind the soul sick
    She helps them with their problems
    She hides behind the music... more »

  • Fade From My Memory[song]

    Fade from my memory
    Let me be free
    Why do i keep holding[holding] on
    This has gone on way too long... more »

  • Faded Masterpiece[song]

    And as her dreams come crashing down
    You tend to life her up
    But she's scared. Oh so scared
    She's falling to deep in love... more »

  • Failing With You

    All I ever wanted was
    To make you proud
    I'm screamin' for attention but
    You don't hear a sound... more »

  • Fed Up Wit It

    You? My role model?
    Stop wit all your masks
    I'm fed up wit it... more »

  • Freshman Year

    It was so cool being a freashman
    That, I must say
    I got a lot of slack
    And didn't get homework every day... more »

  • Friends... Or So I Call Them

    Friends... or so i call them

    All around me, crowding me
    I want them to do this, really... more »

  • Give Me All Your Lies

    Call me gorgeous, Baby
    Yeah Call me 'beautiful'
    Tell me that without my love
    Your life is just pitiful... more »

  • Go On Without Me

    your eyes cheerfully
    extend to me
    an invitation
    to help... more »

  • Got It Bad

    Laughing again. she wants to go deeper
    But she doesn't think he knows how
    She tries him. 'Step one to be a player:
    Say it if you dont mean it, but if you do, say it now'... more »

  • Growl

    Sometimes it's the only thing you can do
    Sometimes its the only sound that maks sense
    rawr... more »