• End My Life

    Your words are spoken, trying to stand strong but im too weak and broken.
    Taking each blow to the heart and head, that will soon stop because I am dead.
    You regret me, I know you do, you just dont have a clue.
    Even if I am blood you would end my life without shedding a tear flood.... more »

  • It's Always A Good Day To Die

    It's always a good day to die
    weather you be down to the ground, or high in the sky

    Leaving this world will be a relief... more »

  • Me & You

    Let's give is us a second chance
    not just to us but to romance
    I can't go on another day
    without thinking that your so far away... more »

  • The Power

    She's telling me im too young
    but all i can do is just sit there and bite my tongue

    The body of a 12 year old... more »

  • Unwelcome Memory

    When you looked into my eyes
    you could tell that this world had nothing but lies
    and by my surprise
    you held me close like a boy would just won his prize... more »