Gabrielle Shutt was born in a world she never grew to know. At age two, her Australian mother and Texan father returned to the land where they met and the place that would become her very heartbeat, Texas. An only child and the only granddaughter, Gabrielle was encouraged from birth to express herself and question everything with the knowledge that others may not like what she has to say. She was taught that the world is a beautiful place, life isn't fair, and one's word is the only thing that is constantly in one's control. Promises were taken seriously, I hate you wasn't something you just said, and at the end of the day you should thank the Almighty for the opportunities and had been given and hope for a tommorrow. These lessons more than anything, place, time, person, or event, have shaped the way Gabrielle not only writes but lives. At twenty three years old she stands at the precipice of her childhood, ready to fling herself of the cliff of unassured awkwardness into the depths below. She is ready to share with the world everything she has kept secret behind chocolate eyes and a quiet smirk. And she doesn't really give a damn how it's taken. It's who she is, take it or leave it.


Gabrielle Shutt Poems

Magic At My House

In the closet there is a pair of shoes

The stay in the box kind of shoes.... more »

Clocking Out

Relieve my worried mind, I pray.

With gentle words and salty lips.... more »

Picture Window

The summer sky is falling

In featherlight chips of ochre and scarlet.... more »

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