• The Bath

    Beads, water, wet
    Running down mountains of flesh,
    Into a warm sea,
    Whose white porcelain banks... more »

  • The Closed Door

    The gates to earth are closing,
    To many every day
    Unwanted, unloved millions
    We’re turning them away.... more »

  • The Donkey

    A donkey standing
    In a field by a fence,
    Standing all alone
    Without any friends... more »

  • The Fight

    Still the thought, to walk in fear.
    Tis love must carry thee o’er.
    But can I rightly chart my course
    When perched upon this bier.... more »

  • The Note

    The earth it plays a symphony.
    I see it every day.
    I taste the very notes of life,
    As I go on my way.... more »

  • The Test

    ... more »

  • To Hope

    To Hope

    Was it a week, or just a day
    When joy so sweetly... more »