• A Perfect Day

    The sun was shining brightly
    When we walked beside the sea;
    A breeze was stirring slightly
    As you kissed me tenderly.... more »

  • A Perfect Place

    Looking forward to a time
    When we can be alone;
    A day when I can be with you,
    Not only on the phone.... more »

  • A Precious Gift

    My cellphone rings
    We talk awhile
    And share a joke or two;
    It's not just laughter... more »

  • A Single Rose

    I walked among the flowers
    To choose one just for you;
    So many blooms to pick from,
    Some in every hue.... more »

  • A Special Friend

    Did you ever think
    There’d come a day
    You’d find a special friend?
    A friend you’d pass... more »

  • A Special Gift

    Time is passing faster
    Than it ever did before;
    I try to use it wisely,
    But I’m always needing more.... more »

  • A Tender Smile

    A tender smile
    A sweet caress
    A gentle kiss hello
    A knowing look... more »

  • An Ode To Jim

    I had a friend,
    He passed away
    I felt so all alone;
    We never met... more »

  • Arizona Vacation

    Sitting in the desert sun,
    No clouds up in the sky;
    It's almost like I'm stuck in time,
    So peaceful here am I.... more »

  • Autumn Days Are Coming

    Autumn days are coming,
    I can feel it in the air;
    Leaves are changing color
    I have noticed, here and there.... more »

  • Before There Was Sunshine

    Before there was sunshine
    And warm summer haze,
    Before there was leisure
    And long, lazy days,... more »

  • Come Sit With Me

    Come sit with me
    And talk awhile
    I'll tell you what I miss -
    Your loving eyes,... more »

  • Day At The Beach

    I met you in the coffee shop,
    You smiled at me and said,
    Let’s take today and steal away,
    Off to the beach we’ll head.... more »

  • Divorce

    Our life together
    Is now ending;
    Love is fading,
    Divorce soon pending.... more »

  • Each Day Is A New Beginning

    Each day is a new beginning,
    If you don’t dwell on the past;
    Happiness will come to you
    When you don’t let sadness last.... more »

  • First Meeting

    We met one day and it was clear
    Our friendship was to stay;
    We talked awhile and smiled and said
    We’d meet again someday.... more »

  • For All The Things You Do

    I’m writing you this poem
    For all the things you do,
    The countless times you’re there for me,
    You’re unselfish and you’re true.... more »

  • Fourth Of July

    Fireworks are bursting,
    Lighting up the sky;
    Lots of pretty colors
    Celebrate Fourth of July.... more »

  • Hold Me Close And Tell Me True

    Perhaps you think I’m kidding
    When I say that I love you
    And more than anything I want
    To spend my life with you.... more »

  • I Need A Hug

    I need a hug
    I’m feeling sad
    Am missing you today;
    Would be so great,... more »

  • I Will Always Love You

    I think about you all the time,
    More since that fateful day;
    The day that you were called to work,
    The day you passed away.... more »

  • I'D Say It With A Smile

    I tried to say, “I’m sorry, ”
    The words would not come out;
    It’s not that I don’t think I’m wrong,
    Of that there is no doubt.... more »

  • If I Could Choose

    If I could choose
    A day to treasure,
    Time spent with you
    Is beyond measure.... more »

  • If I Tell You

    If I tell you how I’m feeling,
    Will you tell me honestly?
    If my heart sends out a message,
    Will yours send one back to me?... more »

  • If Love Is Chasing Rainbows

    If love is chasing rainbows
    Each day I would arise
    And look upward to the heavens
    Searching blue and silver skies.... more »