Life-breath is the poem. The poem is the heart and the image of life. This world is full of poetic atmosphere. Injustice is intolerable for the poet. Always the poet depicts the contemporary picture of the society with his own unique style. Award and prizes have no meaning that the poet received in his state and outside.

This poet's present address is TAPOBANA, TITILAGARH, BALANGIR, ODISHA, INDIA.Mobile No 09437366644.E mail- gajananmishra60@

Mr. Mishra started his writing from very childhood. The first poem came to the print media in the year 1979 " Sarbanam" favorite one where it is mentioned everything is poetry. This poet writes mostly in Odia, Kosli and English languages. Nature is the Guru, the mentor. To study human behavior is the hobby and that is the mystery. To see and enjoy is the motto.
Mr Mishra the Chairman of Odia Biswabidyalaya Trust, Odisha. The proponent of the use of state or native languages i.e. odia in Courts, kachery of Odisha for the benefit of people in general. Sri Mishra is awarded for his poems and language by the different institution like Utkal sammilani, Cuttack, Subarta Bhubaneswar, Sulekha Puri, Sahitya Sansad Rourkela, Boudh, Balangir, Patnagarh etc
Sri Mishra is also awarded as poet laureate by
Twice as the top poet with all newness in thought. Sri Mishra is also a popular and top poet in


Gajanan Mishra Poems

Why I Greet A Woman

I greet a woman
For beauty
In body and in soul
I know her heart... more »

A Good Poet

A good poet.
Who is a good poet?
Is good poet sinless?
Who is sinless?... more »

A Glass Of Water

Give me a glass of water
To drink in this summer.
Give me a glass of water,
I have nothing to drink,... more »

Gajanan Mishra Quotes

Go not with Any other but the self.
Substitute the cat in place of the tiger.
alternative or option
Life is But an Unseen zero.

Comments about Gajanan Mishra

This poem you have written, You Said You Loved Me, IS...delicious! So good it is. AND, I have read many of your poems. But this one? Is that terrific. I had to comment.
Rafique Farooqi 25 Mar 03:09
My favorite poet who writes truth and heart felt words.
Akhtar Jawad 01 Mar 2019 10:50
Whenever I get a comment from Gajanan Mishra, I go back in 2014 when I was reading the first comment on my poetry. It was Gajanan Mishra. I read it again and again, I was happy to enjoy it. Gajanan Mishra is a great humanist, a thoughtful poet and I believe he must be a man who believes in love, peace and coexistence.