• Earth To New Planet

    We're coming for you
    cause you can't escape
    eyes of mordor up mt doom
    You've been baptized Gliese 581 c... more »

  • Gazing Into Nothing

    Sat back, cooled down
    Dozed off to sleep
    Found my own way
    Like droplets on iceberg tip... more »

  • My Body Weeps In Pain

    In the beginning, it was all I craved for
    Two weeks into jail, gaunt GI from the war
    Day in day out, lentil-and-bean fodder to chow
    Nutrient depletion, like sagging body from tumor... more »

  • Prologue

    I tried and tried to live a life
    Moments of joy and moments of strife
    Is it out of reach, the train of goals?
    They've crashed my dreams on this woeful night... more »

  • Were You Worth It?

    Oh that hazy horrible day
    should've stowed my arms away
    how would it have turned out
    pain n stress from bout to bout... more »