• But I Never Say

    Please show your anger politely
    And say opinion.
    Whatever it is
    I can bear and reply... more »

  • Cozy Conversation

    What you have in your eyes
    What you have in your lips
    What you have in your breast... more »

  • Fluorescent Shirt

    I purchased -
    An orange color fluorescent shirt,
    It is wrinkle free, glitter shirt.
    My brother said,... more »

  • Good Night

    At the end of the day
    I have no one to say ‘good night’
    I simply turn off my laptop
    It is almost midnight.... more »

  • I Am Going To Bed Without You

    I am going to bed without you,
    But with your thoughts!
    Not only this night
    Also all past nights,... more »

  • I Know Not…

    When I see a blooming flower,
    When I see a flying butterfly,
    When I see a smiling child -
    I feel the miracle of life.... more »

  • I Lost My Mind In You

    I lost my mind in you,
    now I need it back.
    When I asked,... more »

  • I Not Have Done To You

    Day by day,
    Month by month,
    Year by year,
    How long it will take?... more »

  • Inside Of The Battle

    You won the battle,
    Because I lost my blood.
    You won the battle,
    Because I lost my dignity.... more »

  • Little Bird On The Wall

    Walking with child
    In the beautiful lawn
    Gives pleasure like a free bird.
    When we walked near the... more »

  • My Dear God

    The age, may be eight or nine
    Two female children
    Singing a famous Hindi song
    Using two wooden pieces as music instruments.... more »