• Abdul Azeez

    I remember the day we met
    That day I certainly won't forget
    It was at the famous Hyde Park
    Midnight had fallen and everywhere was dark... more »

  • Bra

    I am a woman
    A free woman
    And I don't see the point
    What-so-ever... more »

  • Constipated Girl Blues

    She hasn't eaten this morning
    Her stomach is churning
    She wants something to put her at ease
    A fruit or vegetable like sweet peas... more »

  • Fruit Of The Womb

    We courted for so many a year
    Till we became a compatible pair
    I introduced him to my family
    And they received him happily... more »

  • Hooked

    Many times when my emotions are worn
    I look up to heaven and curse the day I was born
    Because right from the very beginning
    This life of mine has had no meaning... more »

  • In Memoriam (To My Late Husband)

    Today will make it just two years
    Still I can't hold back my tears
    When I remember that fateful day
    Which your life was taken away... more »

  • La Dolce Vita

    In the Garden of Eden we were created
    we never courted or dated
    Eve you were my wife from the very start
    Loving you with all my heart... more »

  • Murder Happened Last Night (Dedicated To Lawyer Adesegun Talabi)

    Murder happened late last night
    When no one was in sight
    A young woman suffered a brutal attack
    Stabbed several times in the chest and back... more »

  • On My Deathbed

    It was on my deathbed that I realised the world is beautiful
    And that I had not lived my one and only life to the full
    I look back and regret all the opportunities I did not take
    Too afraid people would laugh in case I failed or made a mistake.... more »

  • Prison Affair

    The moment I saw you on the Serco van
    I instantly knew you were my man
    I just couldn't take my eyes off you
    Momentarily forgetting I had a job to do... more »

  • Smoke

    My doctor warns
    Tobacco is dangerous to my health
    He says
    It contains Carbon Monoxide... more »

  • Somebody's Child

    This is somebody's child
    This is somebody's son
    This is somebody's brother
    This is somebody's nephew... more »

  • The Other Man

    Love blinded me to see the writings wall
    And I thought you were my one and all
    I never believed you could say it is over
    And that you had found another lover... more »

  • The Other Woman

    Billy never told me he had a wife
    The very day he walked into my life
    I thought he was my true Mr right
    And couldn't let him out of my sight... more »

  • The Promise

    Here we are
    Here we stand
    At the junction
    Where three roads meet... more »

  • The Side Chick

    It's too good to be true
    But here I am lying in bed with you
    I know you won't leave your wife for me
    Am here just fulfilling your fantasy.... more »